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Season 1
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September 24th, 2016
The Next Generation of Halliwells (1A)
Do You Believe in Magic? (1B)

Season Two

The first season of Fated Charmed the Next Generation is a spin-off of WB's hit Television Series Charmed and picks up almost twenty-years after the successful, groundbreaking paranormal drama series ended.

Fated scored a full total twenty-two (22) episodes for its first season and started airing episodes in early 2016. The first season is set from 2030-2031, in a realistic future;

The season was also announced to be divided into two parts; part A and part B, with a two-week hiatus between the respective parts. Part A began airing in late 2016 and part B is expected to air in late 2017.

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For more information on what to expect for Fated, please see FATED.

IT'S THEIR TIME NOW -- Fated picks up twenty years after Charmed, the CW and WB show ended. The year is 2030, and after almost twenty years, the darkness in the shadows is Rising and is ready to explode from being dormant. The Charmed Ones' children are more than ready to accept the responsibilities of what being a Halliwell is all about - demon fighting and all.

Fated follows the Next Generation of Halliwells through their many battles and hardships, as they fight new and old Demons while learning what they're truly Fated to do. As they each fight personal battles, including the never ending one of trying to lead a normal life while still fulfilling their destiny.

Every inch of Charmed is crawling in Fated, and the Fated Ones are ready to take it head on. Fated's unique and complex characters - new and old - are ready to keep the magic of Charmed alive!


Chapter I: The Discovery Chapter. This chapter focuses on the Fated Ones being forced to band together and learning about their history as well as who they really are. (Ep. 1x01 - 1x08)

Chapter I (Part B): The Luesent Chapter. The Discovery Chapter also overlaps with the Luesent Chapter. The Luesent Chapter deals with the war against Luesent and her hatred towards the Halliwell Family. (Ep. 1x01 - ?)

Chapter II: The Betrayal Chapter. The Betrayal Chapter focuses on the key betrayals that involve the Halliwell Family and Friends. This is an upcoming chapter, that will start in the end of the first to the beginning of the second half of the season. (Ep. 1x10/11 - ?)

  • Main Antagonists: TBA
  • Minor Antagonists: TBA


Cast and Characters

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Main Cast

Supportive Cast

Recurring Cast


There are 22 episodes in Season One of Fated.

Notes and Trivia

  • Fated is a spin-off of the hit CW tv-show, Charmed. It follows the Next Generation of Halliwell-Mitchell witches, as they find their destiny and discover their Fated path.
  • Season One will have 22 episodes, for a total of eleven in 1A and eleven in 1B.
  • The Pilot episode will be a two hours series premier. However, the rest of the episodes will be one hour not two.
  • The only three sisters born from the Charmed Ones are on the 1A DVD cover and is believed to be a symbol or clue of some sort. However, the 1B DVD cover will not feature the three sisters on the cover. Instead, it will feature Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda Halliwell.
  • The show is centered around/on Wyatt, Chris, and Meilnda Halliwell. However, it also focuses on the other characters as well.
  • There will be a Halloween Episode/Special in 1A, and a Christmas Episode/Special in 1B.
  • It was revealed that Billie is married and has two children; Laurel and Kyle Raven.
  • The first death of the series occurred in Trouble in Twin Town.
  • Sabrina will go through a big change during 1B.

Casting News and Updates

  • Paris Halliwell (Danielle Campbell) and Katherine/Sabrina's (Ashley Benson) roles were cast first and followed by Prue (Lily Collins), Parker (Nina Dobrev), and Melinda Halliwell (Lyndsy Fonseca). Followed closely by Laurel (Britt Robertson), Kyle (Drew Van Acker), and Thomas Raven (Matthew Settle). The last person in the main/recurring characters to be cast was Sierra McDawn (Candice Accola) and Henry Mitchell Junior (Jake T. Austin).
  • Holland Roden was cast as Hope Kermen, a strong female who will become a minor Recurring Character in the first half of Season One. Hope has a strange yet new past and will bring a new perspective to the magic of Fated. She will first appear in the episode Must Be The Heart, as an assistant to Sara Lynn (Sarah Michelle Gellar).
  • Victoria Smurfit was cast as Luesent - a power demonic witch who is after the Fated One's powers. She made her first appearance in the Pilot.
  • Shay Mitchell was cast for the second part of Season One, and she will play, "an intelligent and open-hearted twenty-five year-old mortal woman with firm beliefs". The name of her character will be announced in the mid-season finale.
  • Odette Annable was cast for the second part of Season One, and will play, "a resilient twenty-something year-old woman who has a strong resolve and firm stance. A hard working woman, who has a mysterious past with ties to the Magical Community". She will make her first appearance in 1x11.

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