Kathrine sabrina
Sabrina and Kathrine
General Information

Sathrine, Kabrina
The Wonder Twins (by Chris)

First Met

Match 16th, 2007


Close Sisterly Bond (allies)

Sab, I know that nothing I can say that can… That can make you feel any better. But I want you to know that you aren’t alone in this. I’m here for you.

The sibling relationship between Whitelighter-Witches and mirror twins, Sabrina and Kathrine Mitchell.

Sabrina and Kathrine first met when they were born, as they are (mirror) twins. They are very close, arguably the closest people to each other in the world, and know everything about one another. They love each other more than anything, and no matter what they will always have each other's back.

Despite their love for one another, their relationship is frequently tested due to the stressful situations they are placed in. However, so far, they have managed to keep their relationship strong.

Early History Edit

Pre-Birth Edit

Their conception was unexpected, and shocked both parents, as they weren't really trying to have a baby. But, none-the-less, they wanted them from the moment they found out Paige was pregnant. Paige was overjoyed, and would always dream about having a little girl - even when she was younger.

At first, Henry and Paige argued over where the babies would sleep, and they eventually moved out of their apartment to a nice house two streets from the Halliwell Manor. They chose the perfect place for a nursery, and Paige went to town decorating it, and choosing the right colors.

Henry and Paige decided that the didn't want to know the gender of the baby, and were shocked when they were told they were having twins.

Birth and Names Edit

Paige went into labor on March 15th, 2006. She and Henry had agreed to have them born at the hospital, and they rushed there. to get The twins weren't born until the next day, (March 16th, 2006), and both parents were shocked to found out they were having girls.

They decided not to continue on with the "P" tradition, and thus named them Sabrina Pandora Mitchell and Kathrine Billie Mitchell.

Growing Up Edit

Kathrine and Sabrina came into their powers at the same time in 2008. Sabrina possesses the power of Molecular Acceleration, and Kat has Molecular Deceleration, though they will eventually grow into the full usage of both powers.

After Sabrina accidentally set the house on fire, Henry strongly believed that the twins' powers should be bound though Paige was against it as she believed it went against the laws of nature. Henry, though understanding how important magic is to Paige and the family, is adamant that magic is not all his daughters are and Paige reluctantly binds Sabrina's magic until she can grow old enough to learn how to control it.  

She also does this with Kathrine, after she freezes Paige and Henry to go swimming in the toilet. She also escaped using this power numerous times, making them that it was smart to bind Kathrine's powers as well. They are both still bound. 

Physical Appearances Edit

Despite being mirror twins, there are ways that someone can tell them apart.

Hair Edit

  • Sabrina; straight and is mostly pulled up.
  • Kathrine; wavy and down.

Make-Up Edit

  • Sabrina opts for a more neutral look, with lighter colors and not as much eye make-up as her twin.
  • Kathrine loves make-up, especially around her eyes. She loves a dark, sexy, daring look.

Clothing Edit

  • Sabrina; bright, flowing, stylish
  • Kathrine; dark, edgy, sexy stylish

Before Fated Edit

Throughout Fated Edit

In Pilot, Sabrina is running a few minutes late for their mom's birthday dinner/party. When she arrives, they all sit down for dinner, and Kathrine and Sabrina sit next to each other. After there Aunt Piper gives a wonderful birthday toast, a group of demons sent by Luesent attack. A fireball hits the back of Paige's chair, and she hits her head on the table. Another fireball is thrown, and everyone hides. Sabrina and Kathrine take cover with the rest of the family and vanquish the demons along with their cousins. They run to their mother, but when Kathrine tries to heal her, it is revealed that she is dead. Sabrina breaks down in tears and so does Kathrine, and they console one another. Kathrine, desperate to fix what has happened, decides to travel back to the past to stop it from ever happening. The twins argue over this idea before Sabrina states that she is coming with. Kathrine disagrees and states that she wants to do it alone. As her other cousins join in, Kathrine agrees to take Parker, as she needs Parker's cupid necklace. Wyatt then states that Chris should go with her just in case she needs back-up. The twins exchange a look before Kathrine beams out. The twins are later seen together in the past, when Kathrine, Parker, and Wyatt are filling the Alternate Fated Ones in on what is about to happen. Sabrina believes her sister. They, with the help of the Fated Ones, devise a plan to save their mother and others that perished in the fight. Once in the Underworld, the twins are seen together fighting against Kayak alongside the Fated Ones. They hug when Kayak is vanquished. Afterward, the Twins are having fun at Halliwell's and waiting eagerly for their mutual friend, Sierra McDawn, to perform. They happily greet their friends Carrie and Nicole Smith.

Trivia Edit

  • Sabrina and Kathrine are the only known twins in the Halliwell-Warren Line.
  • Sabrina was born a few minutes before Kathrine, and her powers are stronger because of it.
  • Of the nine cousins, they are the fourth and fifth oldest.
  • Their conception was an accident, but not unwanted in any way.
  • They are mirror twins.
  • Despite Sabrina being the older twin, Kathrine often takes the leadership and stronger position instead. This has caused arguments between them.
  • They are the only known Charmed kids to ever go to normal school through High School and into College.
  • Paige has commented that they are stronger together than apart, and this is presumed to be because of their twin bond.
  • Kathrine and Sabrina's powers are still bound now, as Paige doesn't feel they are quite ready to accept them yet.
  • Their relationship was examined more in Trouble in Twin Town.
  • Sabrina can sense when Kathrine is hurt and vice versa. Although most identical twins can do this, their ability is amplified due to their magical lineage.
  • Sabrina chose Kathrine to live over her best friend, Carrie.

Gallery Edit

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