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Sabrina Pandora Mitchell
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  • Female
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  • Blonde
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  • Unknown Paternal Grandparents †
  • Penny Halliwell (Maternal Great-Grandmother) †
  • Patty Halliwell (Maternal Grandmother) †
  • Sam Wilder (Maternal Grandfather)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthews (Adoptive Grandparents) †
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Sabrina Mitchell was created by Brad Kern for the tv-series, Charmed. However, all character traits and plots throughout Fated belong to TotallyWitchy.

But in doing so, I allowed an innocent to die. Isn’t that the opposite of everything that our parents have taught us? Save the innocent before family.
Sabrina to Kathrine about Carrie's death in Locked In

Sabrina Pandora Mitchell is the first born daughter of Charmed One, Paige Matthews and Mortal, Henry Mitchell. She has access to the Power of Eight along with the rest of the Fated Ones. She is also half of the Power of Twins with her twin sister, Kathrine.

She is the older (by ten minutes) identical twin sister of Kathrine Mitchell and the older adoptive sister to Henry Mitchell Junior.

Her Aunt, Piper Halliwell, passed her power of Molecular Acceleration to Sabrina. Due to Sabrina not being able to control her powers, and accidentally burning her room down, Paige decided to bind her active powers until she was old enough to control them.

Her powers were revealed to have been unbound in Locked In. Despite only having her powers for a few hours, she seemed to be able to control it - at least enough to not harm anyone.

Early History


Sabrina and Kathrine's conception was unexpected, but not unwanted. Henry and Paige, at the time, were still living in a small apartment that Henry owned from his parolee days. At first, it didn't seem like too big of a deal for now since they thought they were just going to have one child.

However, when they found out they were twins, they quickly moved out of the apartment and got their own house. It is located a few streets away from the Halliwell Manor so that they can still have some privacy and normalcy.

When it came time to name Sabrina and Kathrine, Paige, not being one for traditions, decided not to carry on the Halliwell tradition of giving their children first names that begin with the letter P. So she and Henry chose Sabrina as the first name and Pandora as the middle name. Pandora after Pandora's box, a powerful box that has the ability to change the world. The name also means gift, and she was Paige and Henry's little gift.

Early Life

Sabrina young

Sabrina at age six

The twins were born one March 16th, 2007. Sabrina was born at 6:16 pm, while Katherine was born was born at 6:26 pm. Sabrina loved animals, toys, and playing with her sister.

From the second Kathrine and Sabrina met, it was like they were made for each other. Sabrina was extremely overprotective of her little sister, and Kathrine of Sabrina as well.

Adopting Junior

When Sabrina was still a baby, her parents adopted a child, whom they named Henry Mitchell Junior - after his now adoptive father. Sabrina, being the shy, quiet, girl never really talked to Junior. But they always played well together, and Sabrina used to orb them up to the roof to watch the stars.

Coming Into Her Powers

It took Sabrina until she was five to come into her powers. At first, Sabrina couldn't control her's at all, as she had inherited her Aunt Piper's power of Molecular Acceleration. Because of her power, she was starting fires everywhere. At first, Paige and Henry dismissed it as a non-magical problem.

But then Sabrina accidentally set their house on fire. Henry strongly believed that the twins' powers should be bound though Paige was against it as she believed it went against the laws of nature.

Henry, though understanding how important magic is to Paige and the family, was adamant that magic is not all his daughters are and Paige reluctantly binds Sabrina's magic until she is old enough to learn how to control them properly.

Before Fated

Sabrina's powers are still bound, and she is a Whitelighter-Witch, even though her active Witch powers are bound.

Physical Appearance

Sabrina 1x05

Sabrina has a beautiful heart shaped face complemented with piercing baby blue eyes (presumably from her father's side), full lips, and dimpled smile. Her skin is light with a milk and rose complexion which matches her innocent and yet playful personality. She is rather small standing at 5'3". She has a curvy yet slender build and long legs that she loves to show off with heels and shoes.

She is slender and graceful and wears fashionable and feminine attire. She wears short brightly colored dresses, skinny jeans, and pretty, elegant tops. She is always seen with her locket that matches Kathrine's.

Her golden blonde hair is long and naturally wavy, and although Sabrina doesn't wear a traditional fringe, she has side swept panels of hair extending over the sides of her forehead from the center part. She prefers it straight or pulled up. Both she and her sister's blonde hair is a mystery to her family and fans, as neither of her parents has blonde hair. She could have inherited this color from her paternal grandparents.

She is also the identical twin sister of Kathrine Mitchell, and therefor, the two look exactly the same. While it can be difficult to tell the two apart, the twins have very different tastes in fashion which is helpful to telling them apart.


Sabrina Smile

Sabrina is pretty, natural, and real. She has a soft and sweet personality and loves to smile and have fun. She is playful, a bit childish at times, flirty, and very sweet natured. Despite her loving and kind personality, she is also very strong tempered, protective, and strong-willed. She will do anything to protect her family and will kill anyone who harms her sister, brother, or parents. She is also very determined, but tends to be airy and is a light thinker. Sabrina was the popular girl in school; the one who flaunted her figure and clothes, and in some ways, she still is like that.

Sabrina tends to crack on high pressure or emotional situations and cries easily. While Kathrine is the one that manages to stay strong, and often has to hold her up. Despite that, Sabrina has a sharp mind and huge heart. When feeling betrayed, Sabrina can get very defensive and has a sharp tongue. Despite being the older sister to two younger siblings, Sabrina is often the more spontaneous and following sibling, nothing like the other older children in her family. Instead, her sister takes on this role.

When Luesent kidnaps Kathrine and Carrie, Sabrina is shown to be extremely worried about her sister and best friend. When she learns that she has to choose between them, she is forced to make a decision, even though she doesn't want to. It is than because of her love for Kathrine that she gains the power of healing, and is able to save her sister. After the death of Carrie, Sabrina is filled with rage and anger for Luesent, making her family promise that she can be the one to vanquish Luesent when the time comes.

Sabrina Crying1

A grieving Sabrina

While grieving Carrie's death, Sabrina is at first in denial and insists that she is okay. However, after Sam makes a snotty remark to her about Carrie's death, this unlocks Sabrina's emotions and causes her to have an emotional breakdown. She reveals that she has been suffering from unbelievable guilt for what happened to Carrie and the Smith-Jones family. She is slowly able to come to terms about Carrie's death, and find peace regarding it.

Powers and Abilities

For more information on her powers and abilities, please view her Power Page.

Sabrina is a Whitelighter-Witch and thus has powers from both sides of her; whitelighter and witch. She is a good strong witch but isn't super powerful either. When she is at her strongest is when she is with her twin sister, Kathrine. Sabrina's powers are currently unbound.


Kathrine Mitchell

Main article: Sabrina and Kathrine
Kathrine sabrina


Sabrina and Kathrine are mirror twins and the closest people in the world to each other. They know everything about each other, and could not live without one another. No matter what they always have each other's back, and enjoy playing games on other people by using their looks.When they were little they were inseparable and would play tricks on their teachers, and go to each other's classes pretending to be the other one.

Both of their powers are extreme, and because of how powerful they are their powers were bound when they were children. Despite having a rather large fight, they have since repaired their relationship.

Henry Mitchell Junior

Henry is Sabrina's adoptive younger brother, and they have a very realistic sibling relationship. Despite Henry being adopted, they treat each other like siblings. Sabrina loves her younger brother and is protective of him.

Carrie Smith

Carrie and Sabrina are very close friends, and they have been friends since High School. Carrie often will come to family events, Halliwell's, and they hang out a lot. They are very close as well, but Sabrina has not told her about her and her family's secret.

Other Relationships

Notes and Trivia

  • Sabrina is the older twin sister of Kathrine Mitchell.
  • Sabrina was born a few minutes before Kathrine.
    • Her powers are significantly stronger than her sisters because of this.
  • Her conception was unexpected - but not unwanted.
  • Sabrina's favorite color is pink and/or light blue.
  • She was a cheerleader in High School and attended Baker High School from her Freshman-Senior Year.
  • Her powers were bound for a very long time but were unbound recently.
  • She loves being single and dating, as she is a very flirtatious person.
  • She was under investigation by Dahlia Simmons and the S.F.P.D. regarding Carrie Smith's death. She was proven innocent by Detective Simmons.

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