Remote Beaming
Power Information
Effects: Beam other people or objects without touching them
Trigger: Think of the person or object you want to beam
Alignment: Good
Category: Supportive Power

Remote Beaming is the ability to beam other people or objects from one location to another without touching them/it. This ability is possessed by Cupids and Cupid-Witches. Cupid-Witches may not need a ring to use this power, as they may have been born with the natural ability to use Remote Beaming, while other powers required the user to be wearing a Cupid Stone. When a Cupid or Cupid-Witch remote beams someone, the person being "beamed" will appear or disappear in a bright reddish glow with a pinkish glow at the place of his/her heart. When remote beaming an object, the object will be surrounded in a pinkish glow and disappear and reappear wherever the user wants it.

A witch can be able to use this power if she has a love connection with a cupid. In these instances, the power is not an advancement of another power but an independent power. Phoebe and Coop share a very strong love connection which binds them as one, and through this connection she can teleport him to her. She activates this power by closing her eyes and concentrating on him.

When a witch use this power, the cupid being beamed will appear in front of them in a bright reddish glow, but without the pinkish glow at the place of his/her heart.

List of Users Edit