This article is about the Fated One, Prue Halliwell. You may be looking for the former Charmed One, Prudence Halliwell.
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Prudence Johanna Halliwell
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May 16th, 2007

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Prue Halliwell was created by Brad Kern for the tv-series, Charmed. However, all character traits and plots throughout Fated belong to TotallyWitchy.

Many have tried to kill me, but none have succeeded. And none will. You tried to snuff out my light, but my light is too bright to be snuffed out by someone like you. I survived you, and I will survive anyone that comes at me. So remember me - because I won’t remember you.

Prudence Johanna Halliwell (aka P.J.), is one of the main characters in Fated Charmed the Next Generation and is the first born child of Phoebe Halliwell and her husband, Coop. She is the first Cupid-Witch to ever exist.

As a first-born Witch, Prue is significantly more powerful and better controlled than that of her two younger sisters. So far, her active powers include Remote Beaming, Beaming, various Cupid powers, and Telekinesis. Additionally, she possesses the basic powers of a witch; the ability to cast spells, brew potions, see and communicate with dead people and scry for lost objects or people.

She is the older sister to both Parker and Paris Halliwell, and the sixth oldest of the Charmed Ones' birth and adoptive children.

Prue was born in the Halliwell Manor after her mother went into premature labor and couldn't make it to the hospital. She was born exactly two months after the Twins.

She was named after her powerful late Aunt, Prudence Halliwell, who had a very close relationship with her mother, Phoebe. She was also named after her Grandmother, Penny, whose maiden name was Johnson, however, the female version of Johnson is Johanna. Penny created Prue's nickname, P.J. when she came to visit for the opening of Piper's restaurant, Halliwells, which Prue is now a manager at.

Prue was raised in Phoebe's old condo until Phoebe learned she was pregnant with Prue's younger sister, Parker. They then sold the condo and moved into the house next door to the Halliwell Manor. Prue lived there with her family until she decided to move out and get her own place in the city.

She is fiercely protective of her sisters, especially her youngest sister, Paris. Prue, in her efforts to protect her baby sister, can come across as controlling and bossy. While the bossy part is true, it was never her intention to control her sister, but rather keep her safe. This caused a rift between Prue and Paris that Prue wants to fix. She is, however, very close to her other younger sister, Parker.

Early History


Coop, a cupid, was sent by the Elders to help Phoebe repair her love life, as she had lost interest having given it up so many times for the greater good. Not only had Phoebe lost faith in love and her powers, but she'd also lost faith that she would ever have the daughter she saw in the future. Coop advised Phoebe that it wasn't too late and that her daughter was, in fact, fated to be born.

Pre-Birth and Birth

Her parent's marriage and her eventual birth were nearly unrealized, as her parents kept denying their feelings for each other to avoid heartache. As cupids are normally not allowed to have relationships with their charges, whether mortal or magical, as it is deemed to be too complicated and dangerous by the Elders.

Prue young

Prue young

However, the Elders made an exception for Phoebe and Coop, due to everything they put her through over the years, so their relationship was not forbidden. After dating for a few months, Coop proposed to Phoebe and they were later married by an Angel of Destiny at the newly regained Magic School.

Phoebe and Coop conceived P.J. while they were on their honeymoon, resulting in her birth in late 2007. Phoebe decided to continue the tradition of giving Halliwell children names that begin with "P". She also named her daughter Prudence, after her own late sister, Prudence Halliwell.

Coming Into Her Powers

Prue came into her powers about three months after her birth. Her mother was getting ready to leave for work when the baby beamed her back into the house, revealing to her parents that she had come into her powers.

She also came into her powers around the same time as her cousin Melinda, yet faster than her other cousins, Kat and Sabrina, even though they were much older than her.

About a year after she first came into her powers, Prue's remote beaming power grew, enabling her to beam herself. She used this power to beam herself up into either a cabinet in Magic School, or under her bed when she was scared, or if a demon attacked.

Before Fated

Before Season One, P.J. was made into the Manager of Halliwell's -- her Aunt Piper's restaurant.

Physical Appearance


Prue is a very pretty woman, with her green eyes, wavy Burgundy colored hair, a slim figure, with small chest and hips. She has well-sculpted eyebrows that are half a shade darker than her hair and full of texture, a pretty face shape, and vibrant, beautiful skin. Her skin can be described as porcelain colored and very bright with a youthful glow.

Prue is a leader, a very strong person whose presence demands to be known. Her style can be described as elegant-chic. She always looks feminine but strong, elegant but classy, and chic. She wears bright colors that are often described as overly cheerful that he tones down with her dark hair and darker jackets or jeans She wears relaxed and earthy colors as well and brightens them up with playful earrings or what not.

Prue wears minimal jewelry and accessories and instead likes to play up her natural beauty. She loves her hair more than anything and loves to have it down and in thick waves. She loves shoes and is normally always in boots, sneakers, or sandals.

When out demon-hunting, she trades in her feminine style for sneakers or combat boots, a dark-colored top with matching jeans, and her hair is normally the same. She doesn't wear any jewelry or extra makeup and makes sure she has places to hide extra potions and weapons.

She always wears her Cupid Ring.


Prudence is incredibly stubborn and sarcastic, traits born out of her mother's over-protectiveness. She is also a very caring and compassionate person. She is quiet, shy, and sweet and doesn't talk much to strangers. She's very outgoing and takes on a leadership role no matter where she is or who she's with - a trait that causes her to clash with a lot of people.

Being the oldest of two younger sisters, she has a heightened sense of responsibility and protectiveness over them and all her close friends and family members. She also has a bossy streak in her, that she often portrays when around her younger sisters or cousins.

Powers and Abilities

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Prue is the oldest of three sisters and is the firstborn child. Being the first born her powers are stronger than her other sister. She is also a Cupid-Witch and has inherited magical abilities from both sides.


Parker Halliwell

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Prue is Parker's older sister, and they are very close and protective of each other. They are always challenging each other, and supportive of one another. Prue loves Parker immensely and doesn't know what she would do without her and vice versa.

Paris Halliwell

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Prue and her sister Paris were very close, as they had been together through everything, and Paris is Prue's little sister. But as of late, they have drifted apart, and Paris has shown a bit of resentment towards her oldest sister, Prue, because of her control over her skills as a witch. This has fueled Paris to constantly be practicing magic and trying to make herself good as well. Prue desperately wants to connect with her little sister and fears that she may never know her baby sister.

Kyle Raven

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Kyle and Prue have a complex and long relationship.

Appearances in Fated

Season One

Notes and Trivia

  • Phoebe calls her "Ladybug", while her aunt Piper referred to her as Little Phoebe.
  • Of the nine cousins, she is the sixth oldest.
  • She is the first Cupid-Witch in existence.
  • She was born in late 2007, her parents mentioned that she was a "honeymoon baby".
  • She was born a few weeks early but was born after her cousin, Melinda Halliwell.
  • Her middle name, Johanna, is derived from her great grandmother's maiden name. Johnson.
  • She came into her powers when she was ten months old. The first power she showed was Remote Beaming when she beamed her mother back into their house. This is her strongest power to date.
  • She was a cheerleader throughout high school but dropped it before college.
  • She and Wyatt are the only Halliwell children to have degrees in College. She has her two-year degree in nursing.
  • She is the manager at Halliwells, and is very serious about her job and loves it.
  • She shares many similarities with her Aunt, Prudence Halliwell.
    • They share the same first and last name: Prudence Halliwell.
    • They both have black hair and green eyes.
    • Both were cheerleaders in High School.
    • Both are very business-oriented and take their jobs very seriously.
    • Both possess the title of Charmed One with the prophesized power of Telekinesis.
    • Both are the eldest sister of their trio.
    • Both of them reconnect with their high school boyfriend after many years.
  • Prue's relationships with her younger sisters, Paris and Parker, were written to mimic that of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's relationship in Season 1 of Charmed.
  • The day Prue was born, Phoebe has a vision of her daughter as a Charmed One alongside two other women.


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