The Halliwell Manor is situated on Prescott Street, San Francisco, California. The manor and the Nexus have been situated there for generations. Prudence Halliwell and Andy Trudeau died on Prescott Street.It was established that the address of the Manor was 1329 Prescott Street. Phoebe Halliwell and her family also live on Prescott Street, in the house beside the Manor.

History Edit

Phoebe and coops house

Phoebe and Coop's Halliwell

In the early 20th century, the city of San Francisco suffered a terrible earthquake that destroyed most of the city, including this street. The Halliwell family of witches came and bought the place where currently resides the Halliwell Manor, due to being a center of supernatural power.

In the 70's, Andy Trudeau and his family resided close to Prescott Street but later moved to Portland. Across the street from Halliwell Manor, there is a blue house that the shapeshifters, Marshall, Fritz and Cynda occupied. To the right of Halliwell Manor is the house that Dan Gordon and his niece, Jenny Gordon occupied before they moved, at which point Mrs. Noble moved in. However, Phoebe Halliwell and her family moved into the house after Mrs. Noble moved out.

At some point, the Stillman Sisters occupied a house across the street (The same house the Shapeshifters took over) from Halliwell Manor after having killed the previous inhabitants. It is later revealed that Denise, one of the two people who received Piper's powers in the seventh season, is a long time neighbor of the Halliwells and always mistook the supernatural occurrences at the house for wild parties.

When magic switches sides, the residents use their new powers to redecorate their houses into literally a magical circus. Having lost their magic, the Charmed Ones make the relatives and friends that gained magic to redecorate their house as to hide the fact that don't have magic. After all returned to normal, so did the street.

Notable Residences Edit

Notable Residents Edit

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