Power of Eight
Collective Power Information

The power of eight magical beings who work as one.


Used to enhance spells, potions, and active powers.


The Charmed Ones and their husbands (Indirectly)

The Power of Eight is the collective power of the Fated Ones. In order to access this power, eight magical beings most work as one, so that their powers combine to create a powerful source. The Power of Eight and the Fated Ones is a running theme throughout Fated.

Origins Edit

It is not stated how the Power of Eight came to be formed, but it is highly possible that prophecy, lineage, identity, and mutual trust are involved. As mentioned by supporting characters, all of the Power of Eight members have been close friends since they were born.

They grew up together and have always been close, as Melinda Halliwell has been said to consider Prue Halliwell, her cousin, a sister.

It might also be due to all of their parents being members of the Charmed Ones, and possess the collective power known as the Power of Three.

Symbols and Objects Edit

  • Triquetra: An ancient symbol that represents great power and good magic.
  • Warren Book of Shadows: A family heirloom that consists of many powerful spells, potions, and more. The Power of Eight used this book often when they are fighting demons and/or other demonic beings.

Spells and Rituals Edit

There have been numerous spells that require the Power of Eight to cast them. Most to all of these spells have been written by Paris Halliwell. They are all advanced spells and-or rituals.

Powers Within Edit

Members of the Power of Eight Edit

Image Name Species Other Titles
Wyatt small
Wyatt Halliwell Whitelighter-Witch Twice-Blessed Child
Chris small
Chris Halliwell Whitelighter-Witch Twice-Blessed Child
Melinda small
Melinda Halliwell Whitelighter-Witch Twice-Blessed Child
Prue small
Prue Halliwell Cupid-Witch Charmed One
Parker small
Parker Halliwell Cupid-Witch Charmed One
Paris small
Paris Halliwell Cupid-Witch Charmed One
Sabrina small
Sabrina Mitchell Whitelighter-Witch Power of Twins
Kathrine small
Kathrine Mitchell Whitelighter-Witch Power of Twins

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The Power of Eight is the collective power of the Fated Ones.
  • Their combined power is strong enough to vanquish very powerful beings, and undo spells cast by other witches.
  • Luesent had a bounty out on the Power of Eight.

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