Penelope Halliwell
Biographical Information
  • Penny (All)
  • Grams
  • High Priestess
  • Halliwell Matriarch

March 23, 1937




Widowed (At time of death)

  • Protecting her family line
  • High Priestess
  • Halliwell Matriarch
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Familial Information
  • P. Baxter
  • Gordon Johnson
  • Philippa Halliwell
  • Redmond Baxter

Patty Halliwell

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First Seen

Trouble in Twin Town

Last Seen

Trouble in Twin Town

Portrayed By

Jennifer Rhodes

"All things are possible my dear, it's just a matter of you being able to do them."
Penny Halliwell

Penelope "Penny" Halliwell (née Johnson), more commonly-known as Grams, is the daughter of P. Baxter and Gordon Johnson. She was married four times, the most significant of which being to Allen Halliwell, with whom she had her only child - a daughter, Patricia Halliwell. Since Patricia was the mother of the Charmed Ones, Penny was their maternal grandmother.

As a descendant of Melinda Warren, Penny inherited the power of telekinesis and was one of the most powerful and Craft-dedicated witches of the Warren line. She was also responsible for the creation of many spells and potions in the Halliwells' Book of Shadows.

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Penelope was possibly one of the funniest and wittiest Halliwell women. She was smart, feisty, and able to whip up a retort faster than anyone. She was also very level-headed, almost never showing anger or resentment towards those she cared for. She was also extremely dedicated to the craft, even adding numerous sections to the Book of Shadows. She is also a very strong woman, having survived the loss of her husband, both her parents and her daughter, while still managing to raise her three Granddaughters, with very little outside help. She is a caring and loving woman, with an unwavering love and dedication for her family.

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  • Penny and Sabrina (Grandmother-Granddaughter, Close relationship)
  • Penny and Chris (Grandmother-Grandson)
  • Penny and Allen (Wife and Husband, she never stopped loving him: He died first)
  • The Necromancer (Ex-Lovers, Enemies, Ended; Penny vanquished him)

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