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Parker Penelope Halliwell
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June 12th, 2009

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Parker Halliwell was created by Brad Kern for the tv-series, Charmed. However, all character traits and plots throughout Fated belong to TotallyWitchy.

Parker Penelope Halliwell is one of the main characters of Fated. She is the second daughter of Charmed One, Phoebe Halliwell and the Cupid, Coop on July 12th, 2009 in the Halliwell Manor. This makes her the second Cupid-Witch to ever exist and thus, has inherited magical genes from both of her parents. Parker is the seventh oldest of the Charmed Ones' children.

She is the younger sister of Prue Halliwell and the older sister of Paris Halliwell. She often plays peacemaker between the two of them, similar to that of her Aunt Piper. While she tries not to pick sides between her sisters, she often finds herself defending Prue's decisions on more occasions than Paris'.

Parker was born into the world at a time when all of the magic in the world belonged to Mortals, and this caused her powers too not belong to her when she was born. Because of this, her parents feared she would be mortal and have no powers. However, after the magical switch was reversed and magic was returned to their rightful owners, Parker regained all of her magical abilities, making her a Cupid-Witch like her sisters.

She is also a calm person with a steady mind and control over her emotions. However, when angered, or when people mess with her family or friends, she can be a very fearful and intimidating person towards others - even family.

Parker is a member of the Halliwell Family, a descendant of the Warren Line, and a Cupid-Witch.

Early History


Parker was born to a Charmed One and Witch, Phoebe Halliwell and a Cupid, Coop on June 12th, 2009. She was born via a natural birth in the Halliwell Manor and was delivered by her Uncle, Leo Wyatt. She was born during a chaotic time when magical beings had no powers, and the mortal world gained the ability to use magic.

Due to her parents having no magic at the time of her birth, she was born with magical genes but without any magic of her own. However, after magic was restored to their rightful owners, Parker's powers returned to her as well. This made her the second Cupid-Witch to ever exist and confirmed her destiny to become a Charmed One some day.

Birth of Paris

At the age of four, Parker and Prue are excitedly awaiting their younger sisters birth. She and Prue were looked after by Billie Jenkins, while they're father rushed they're mother to the hospital.

Coming into her Powers


Baby Parker writing her first spell

Parker grew up in the world of magic, always learning, and always happy working with her sisters. She kept to herself most of her early life, and often played by herself and used her magic.

When she was five years old, she could write fluently and wrote her first spell. Granted, it wasn't a very powerful spell, but it did work. This pushed Phoebe to make sure that she received Magical Education as well, and made sure she attended Magic School as well as mortal school.

Mr. Bear

Main article: Mr. Bear
1x01 Young Parker

A young Parker

When Parker was six years old, she owned a stuffed bear, who she promptly named, Mr. Bear. She also made up an entire life for him. Including his friends, enemies, lovers, etc. Mr. Bear possess no known supernatural abilities. However, he did play a key role in Parker's childhood as he was her favorite stuffed animal.

Prue and Parker always argued over Mr. Bear. Who he belonged to, who held him last, who's turn it was to sleep with him, who spilled chocolate milk all over his fur. Mr. Bear, in many ways, started her and Prue's fights.

As the years went on, the obsession with the bear and the bear's friends/drama subsided. She then moved on to other, more mature things.


When Phoebe and Coop enrolled her in Preschool, it became quite evident that keeping their secret would be an incredibly hard concept for Parker to grasp. In the end, they pulled her out of public school and enrolled her in Magic School full-time. She fit in much better there and made many friends.

By the time she was fourteen, she had control over both her Cupid and Witch side. She started to interact more with the kids in her classes and started to find herself.

She eventually graduated from Magic School and earned her diploma, along with a Mortal High School diploma. While she was graduating, her youngest sister, Paris Halliwell, was about to start High School.

Before Fated

Prior to Season One, Parker was working at N&C's Coffee Brewery as a barista, and was a student at Magic School.

Powers and Abilities

For a detailed version and complete list of Parker's powers and abilities, please see her Power Page

Parker is a Cupid-Witch hybrid and has inherited magical genes and powers from both her father's Cupid side, and her mother's Witch side. She is primarily a witch, as her maternal bloodline is made up of powerful witches. Parker also has inherited her Aunt Piper Halliwell's, ability to freeze things and people completely. She also inherited her father's ability to teleport via the use of a Beam, and it is presumed that she can do this without the use of a Cupid Stone.

Physical Appearance

"Parker's style is relaxed, low-key, and radiates off her personality. She's the mediator in her family. That's how she dresses - to match her role. Her style is one thing that will change over the course of the series."
—Hayley on Parker's style.
Parker 1x05 episode picture

Parker's relaxed style and wavy hair

Physically, Parker is a very beautiful, attractive young woman in her mid-twenties. She has an oval face, a light olive complexion, and almond-shaped brown eyes - which are sometimes described as doe colored. She also has plump lips and a long nose, with high cheekbones. She has long, wavy dark brown hair (like her mother's) and she enjoys wearing it down. Her hair is sometimes straightened but is normally wavy. Parker also has a slim and athletic physique and is a fairly tall woman standing at 5'7" (170 cm).

Clothing wise, Parker has a slightly more relaxed look than that of her sisters and cousins. She wears casual jeans, tank tops, and t-shirts. She also wears relaxed dresses and boots and often wears colored sweaters. She can sometimes be seen wearing skinny jeans, low-heeled boots or combat boots, and on rare occasions leather jackets. She also wears simple makeup that blends in well with her skin tone and clothing. On some occasions, she wears high heels and black dresses. Also, she always has her Cupid Necklace on.

1x01 Young Parker

As a child, Parker had long dark-brown hair with big doe-brown eyes and olive skin. She had normal-sized features with a cute little nose and slim eyebrows. She also had a slim physique for someone of her age. From what was shown in a flashback, she wore light-colored clothing, normally deep purples or light pinks, and a purple hair clip in the shape of a bow with no makeup.


Parker smiling-0
Parker is the sociable popular girl in school and the girl next door. She's compassionate, caring, empathetic, kind, intelligent, and friendly. As the middle child, she is often put between her sisters and forced to play the mediator between her sister's strong personality's. Because of this, she has been shown to be pushy, bossy, and gets in the middle of other people's business or problems. Like her mother and Aunt Prue, she firmly believes in family, honor, loyalty, and community.

Most of the time she is consistently polite, calm, and composed - the mediator or calming essence in a crisis. She is also very quick-witted and sarcastic, as shown in her interactions with the Ghost, Shane Newman. She doesn't show her humorous side often and instead shows a calm, soft, almost maternal side. Despite her cool exterior, she has a vivid internal life, and unlike her family, she doesn't want a "human life" or "normal life". She is extremely welcoming of her family heritage, and loves magic and seeing what she can do with it. Like her mother, she isn't afraid to try new things - as long as she knows everything about what it is she is trying.

1x03 Parker Angry

An angry Parker 1x03

Much of her willingness to save others seems to come from the fact she is a big sister and loves her family. She has a strong backbone and never displays a sense of inferiority. She tends to be blunt and honest, well as fiery and strong-willed with a wicked temper. When provoked or feeling betrayed, Parker's sweet and loving side vanishes, and she becomes an angry whirlwind. Even though her family can sometimes be the cause of her anger, she's also fiercely loyal to the people that she loves, a common Warren trait.


Prue parker

Prue and Parker

Prue Halliwell

Main article: Prue and Parker

Prue is Parker's older sister, and they are very close and protective of each other. From a young age Prue and Parker got along - of course, they bickered and fought like all sisters, but in the end, they hugged and made up. They are always challenging each other, and supportive of one another. In hard times they console one another, and there loyalty's lie to each other and their families.

Paris Halliwell

Main article: Paris and Parker

Parker and Paris are sisters, and Parker has tried to connect with Paris but they don't seem to be able to do so. Parker doesn't believe that Paris can do these advanced spells, and believes that Magic School is taking favorites. They don't seem to be very close, but they still love each other more than anything and would hate for either one to get hurt.

Phoebe Halliwell

Phoebe is Parker's mother.

Other Relationships

Notes and Trivia

  • Unlike her older sister, Prue, Parker's birth was not foreseen by their mother, Phoebe.
  • At the time of her birth, neither of her parents had magic, and Phoebe worried if this would affect Parker having powers. It only affected her until magic was returned to everyone. Phoebe chose Parker's name from a list of 50 P names compiled by Paige.
  • Parker, her mom, and her cousin Wyatt were all born in the manor.
  • She has similarities to her cousin, Wyatt.
    • Parker and Wyatt were both born into a world where their parents had no powers.
    • They were both born in the Halliwell Manor.
    • They are both mediators between their siblings.
  • Parker is the seventh oldest of the Charmed progeny.
  • She knows how to Time Travel with her Cupid Stone, which can be a tricky thing to master.
  • When Sabrina accidentally made all of NC's customer's leave, Parker was furious at Sabrina. However, the two later made up and Parker apologized as well.
  • She was a waitress at N&C's Coffee Shop until it closed after Carrie Smith, one of the owners died. Her current employment is unknown.
  • Due to her apartment being attacked by Shane Newman, it is unknown if she has moved out of the apartment or is renovating.

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