Paris: You can’t be serious, Parker! This isn’t fair! I have just as much right to hunt demons as you two do! How can you take her side?
Parker: I’m sorry. It’s just how it is. We don’t want you to get hurt or worse… It’s not like we’re taking away your powers. We’re saying not to fight a demon alone, or when a powerful one attacks. No demon hunting until I get back - please.

The sisterly relationship between the Cupid-Witches Paris and Parker Halliwell.

Paris and Parker first met when Parker was five years old and Paris was a newborn. There mother, Phoebe Halliwell, went into labor and there parents rushed to the hospital. The next day, Parker and Prue came to visit.

From the beginning they were always close - inseparable actually, until Paris came into her powers. It became evident that Paris was powerful, and Parker became jealous of her little sister, as Paris was getting all the attention that she wanted. Parker then did everything she could to make her powers strong, and she succeeded. Paris and Parker are both extremely competitive, and they became angry at each other and that has caused them to be distant from each other. Parker also often played pranks on her little sister with the help of their older sister, Prue Halliwell.

Presently, Parker often sides with their older sister Prue when the three are arguing, especially when it comes to Paris hunting demons. Despite their mother stating that Paris was allowed to hunt demons, Parker often sidelines her younger sister in order to protect her. However, Paris doesn't see things that way and accused her sister of treating her like a child. This has caused the two to be distant.

Early History Edit

Paris was born when Parker was only five years old. Parker picked and teased Paris a lot, but was also very protective of her little sister, and still is.

Throughout Season One Edit

In Pilot, after the death of Prue Halliwell, Sierra McDawn, and Paige Matthews, Parker and Paris comfort each other. They are shown to be together, but there relationship isn't really explored deeply in this episode. There are also not many scenes between in this episode.

In Dancing the Devil's Jig, After demon's attack Parker is concerned for Paris due to her injury, but Paris insists she's fine. When Prue brings up the idea of Paris staying out of battles for a while, Parker tries to play mediator between the two sisters. However, she ends up siding with Prue because she doesn't want Paris to get hut. After Prue leaves, Parker apologizes to her sister and tries to explain before laving for work. At the family meeting, Parker doesn't have much to say for or against her sister.

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