Orb Shield
Orb Shield
Power Information
Effects: Create a protective sphere
Trigger: Hand gesture, fear, concentration
Alignment: Good
Category: Defensive Power

Orb Shield is the ability to create a sphere or barrier out of orbs in order to defend oneself or others or contain something. It is a form of a Force Field, which appears as translucent blue energy. This power is a highly focused advancement of telekinetic orbing

Usage Edit

Using this power, the possessor can:

  • Shield against harm, most notably projectile attacks.
  • Repel enemies and powers with the force of the shield.
  • Project a shield around something in order to protect or contain it.

List of Users Edit

Original Power

Trivia Edit

  • The orb shield has been shown to protect up to five people at once.
  • Wyatt uses this power, seemingly, right-handed, as whenever he uses it, it normally originates from his right hand or right side of his body.
  • Although he used other powers from inside the womb, this was the first power Wyatt Halliwell used after he was born.
  • So far, only Wyatt Halliwell has been shown to use this power.