Melinda and sierra
Melinda and Sierra
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Intimacy Levels

Best Friends, like Sisters

First Met

In Gradeschool

  • Best Friends
  • Met in Grade School
  • Trust each other

The relationship between the Whitelighter-Witch, Melinda Halliwell, and Human, Sierra McDawn.

They are best friends, and met in grade school. Sierra is oblivious to Melinda's secret, and it is unknown if Melinda plans to tell her someday or not. Sierra is the only person that knows that Melinda and Marcus are dating, even though she has never actually met him.

Early History Edit

Melinda and Sierra met in second grade, and were best friends instantly.

Throughout Fated Edit

In Pilot, On Paige's birthday, August 2nd, 2030, Melinda invited Sierra over for dinner to celebrate. After the toast, they started eating. But then Kayak and his men attacked, and everyone had to take cover. It was during that time, that Melinda pushed Sierra aside and behind a chair so that she wouldn't be hurt. After fighting with the demons, a demon threw an Energy Ball and it hit the chair that Sierra was hiding behind. She went flying, and was unfortunately killed.

After killing the demon, Melinda ran over to her only to discover that she had died. Heartbroken, she broke down and started sobbing, not knowing what to do. Wyatt came over and consoled her. However, Kathrine had decided to go back in time to save her mother and Prue who had also died during the fight. She went back in time, and ended up saving everyone and vanquishing Kayak. Because of this, the fight never happened, so Sierra, Prue, and Paige were all alive once again.