The romantic relationship between the Demon-Human Hybrid Marcus, and the Whitelighter-Witch, Melinda Halliwell.

Marcus and Melinda first met before the Pilot and started dating a few weeks after they met. Their relationship was originally a friendship but progressed into much more than that.

They soon started dating, and Melinda knew that she couldn't tell her family until she knows it's serious due to her family's thoughts on and history with Demons and demon-human hybrids. Thus, they decided to keep their relationship a secret.

In A House of Death, Marlinda revealed their relationship to the Halliwell-Mitchell family. They do not know that Marcus is a demon quite yet.

Before Fated

They first met before the pilot, and they hit it off immediately. Melinda didn't know he was a magical being at first, but once she found out she was curious. Then, she discovered that he is a demon-human, and Marcus feared she would vanquish him. However, she didn't, for she saw the good in him. Thus, she decided to help him.

Their relationship has progressed from allies to friends, to eventually romantic. Because of her families history with Demon-Human hybrids, she decided to would be for the best to keep their relationship a secret.

Throughout Fated

In Pilot, Melinda, distraught from the death of her best friend, cousin, and Aunt heads to her room to cry and find comfort. Marcus is there, and instantly embraces and comforts her. Deleted Scene

Dating Timeline

First Relationship:

  • Start: Six-months prior to Pilot
    • Secrecy: They ecided to keep their relationship a secret due to Marcus' demon-half, as Melinda feared that her family wouldn't except him due to the Halliwell's complicated past with demon-hybrids.
    • Relationship Revealed:

Notes and Trivia

  • Their relationship resembles that of Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner's, as both involved a Halliwell witch dating a demon-human hybrid.
  • Melinda is keeping Marcus a secret from her family, for now, it is unknown when she plans to tell them or if she ever will.
    • Henry Mitchell Junior catches them kissing in the storage closet at Halliwells. He doesn't confront Melinda, and she has been avoiding him ever since.
    • Melinda and Marcus agree to reveal their relationship to the Halliwell-Mitchell family (and Hope).
  • Marcus sees Melinda as his "good side". However, he tells her often that it's okay to use magic for personal gain when it's not.