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Melinda Halliwell was created by Brad Kern for the tv-series, Charmed. However, all character traits and plots throughout Fated belong to TotallyWitchy.

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Melinda Prudence Halliwell
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  • March 10th, 2007 (23 years old)
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  • Female
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  • Brown
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You’re wrong - I am not nothing. I am stronger than you. I will defeat Luesent.
Melinda to Leah Adams about herself

Melinda Prudence Halliwell is the main female Protagonist of Fated. She is the third and last child born to Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, and the younger sister to Wyatt and Chris Halliwell. She is the third oldest of the original Charmed Ones' birth and adoptive children.

She is named after two of her powerful ancestors, Melinda Warren, who began the Charmed legacy, and Prudence Halliwell, her powerful yet deceased Aunt who held similar powers to that of Melinda.

Originally, her parents and family thought that she was just a witch, as her father was a mortal and had fallen from grace by the time she was conceived. However, when she was a very young child, she started to show Whitelighter powers, similar to that of her brothers. Her parents later found out that she was made into a Whitelighter-Witch by the Elders, Angel of Destiny, and possibly one or more magical creatures, by them altering her genetics.

They did this in hopes of creating more Twice-Blessed Children that would one day become the future and protectors of Good Magic. Because of their success, Melinda is the third, and final, Twice-Blessed Child. This was revealed to Melinda and her brothers in Witches Way.

She is dating the demon-human hybrid, Marcus. They met three months before Season One and are madly in love with each other. However, their relationship has been kept a secret due to Melinda's family not accepting demon-humans because of their history with them. However, Melinda realized that she didn't want to keep Marcus, the man she loves and can see a future with, from her family. They then revealed their relationship in A House of Death.

Early History


Pregnant Piper

Piper pregnant with Melinda

In 1999, when Piper and her sisters visited the future, in the year 2009, she meets her and Leo's only child: a daughter, named Melinda. In 2002, when Piper became pregnant, the family assumed that the child would be a girl as was the rest of the Halliwell clan.

Piper prepared to name her Prudence Melinda, in honor of her late older sister, Prue, and her ancestor, Melinda Warren. However, the child turned out to be a boy, Wyatt. Piper found out she was pregnant with their third and final child in early 2007 following the Charmed Ones' last Battle, resulting in her birth on March 10, 2007.

Piper then changed her name to Melinda Prudence instead, as she didn't want to give her the same first name as her cousin, Prudence.

Coming into her Powers

Melinda came into her powers about a year after her birth. Piper was cooking in the kitchen while holding a baby Melinda when Melinda "conjured" a couple of potion bottles above her mother's soup. Melinda enjoyed the spectacle, but Piper, after unsuccessfully trying to get the bottles away, had to call her sons for help.

Creating a Book of Shadows

Melinda was always gifted as a child and a very fast learner - more so than her mother was. This prompted her to be bored easily, which quickly became the case with many of her basic classes at Magic School, the Warren Book of Shadows, and even children's television series. Because of her boredom and excessive knowledge, Melinda started creating spells and potions, as well as recording all the information she learned about demons and such.

Eventually, Melinda started transferring her loose papers into a pink journal, that would later become her own Book of Shadows. Originally, her book was kept a secret due to her not wanting to share it with others, but years later the book was stolen by Luesent, and this forced Melinda to reveal the existence of the book to her immediate and extended family. [1]

Becoming Twice-Blessed

Being that Leo was mortal when Melinda was conceived, everyone was shocked to discover that she miraculously had the power of telekinetic orbing. They were informed that since Leo was a Whitelighter for so long, his magical abilities became ingrained within his DNA despite his being mortal, passing those genes on to Melinda. The Elders decided to interfere and caused these whitelighter powers to manifest in Melinda, so as to alter the prophecy of the Twice-Blessed Child.

They wanted to make Chris and Melinda twice blessed like Wyatt, which would allow the three first born Halliwell children to inherit a more potent Power of Three so that in the future, they could be a greater force for good than the Charmed Ones. They wouldn't and couldn't be sure if they succeeded until Melinda was old enough to activate and use her Twice-Blessed powers.

It was then confirmed in the Pilot that Melinda is, indeed, a Twice-Blessed Child. Her powers manifested during the fight again Kayak, because of the Power of Eight Spell.

Growing Up Charmed

Melinda young

Melinda in junior high

Unlike her siblings, she didn't experience any attempted kidnappings or death threats. Instead, Leo and Piper were determined to make sure Melinda - their only daughter, got to live a happy and (somewhat) normal childhood.

For the most part, they succeeded. Even though her brothers picked on her with magic, they also protected her from the demons that attacked and tried to kill her. Melinda also showed that she can hold her own in a fight, and isn't afraid to attack anyone that tries to hurt her family. Even when she was younger, this was very dominant.

Melinda is a very gifted child in the realm of magic and has the ability to create very strong and powerful potions and spells alike.

Before Fated

Prior to Season One starting, Melinda was/is working as a waitress in her mother's restaurant. She is also dating Marcus, for who she has been seeing for a few months now. Unbeknownst to her family members.

Physical Appearance

"Melinda's fashionable. The girl who can throw an outfit together in under 10 minutes and still look cute. Her style will change a bit and is made to remind people of Piper and Phoebe with a dash of Prue."
The Author on Melinda's style.

Melinda's Classier Look

Melinda is a very attractive young woman in her mid-twenties. She favors her mother in her appearance, having the same dark brown hair and small features. She has long, wavy, dark brown hair like most in the Halliwell family. She also has light blonde highlights in her hair that she adds occasionally. She has her father's soft green eyes and thick dark lashes, with dark trimmed eyebrows.

She likes to wear make-up and isn't afraid to dabble in a variety of things. From the dark, dramatic eyeshadow to light neutral, shiny gloss to matte stick, and sporty to sexy, she likes to play around with her makeup and likes to think of every day as a new opportunity to do new things. She tries to show this through in her makeup as often as possible.

Melinda is also very stylish and has an athletic, yet slender physique that can pull off a number of amazing outfits. She wears feminine clothing similar to that of her mother and prefers a high-class, yet relaxed look. It should be noted that she views her Aunt Phoebe as her fashion icon. In most of the episodes, she wears a variety of boots, sandals, heels, and flats.


Melinda halliwell 6

Melinda is the definition of a “fierce woman". At the same time, she is wild and very immature in some ways. She has impeccable instincts, and can tell when people are lying - something Wyatt believes to be a supernatural ability even though she doesn't think so. She has a desire to see the best in people, especially her family. No matter what, she can’t help but come back to the people she loves and cares about.

However, at the same time, she is very strong-willed and often extremely stubborn - something she inherited from her mother. She puts herself last in dangerous situations, always making sure that other's have a way out before she leaves.[2] Melinda is smart, and can often find ways to escape from anywhere, and is very calm in dangerous or deadly situations. She is also impulsive, this trait was shown when she wanted to just vanquish Ava instead of helping her.

She can be cool-headed in one moment, then fierce and passionate in the next. She is playful and snippy with many people such as Chris and Wyatt but argues a lot with others such as Paris and Sabrina. Melinda can be very sarcastic and quick-witted, sometimes blurting things out before she thinks them all the way through. Despite her many flaws, she has a heart of gold and a maternal side to her that few get to see. She accepts her fate as a Twice-Blessed Child and is trying to learn what it all means.

Powers and Abilities

For a more detailed version of Melinda Halliwell's powers and abilities, please see her Power Page.

Melinda is a whitelighter-witch, meaning that she possesses the abilities of both a whitelighter and a witch. She is a strong witch, having come into her powers a year or two after her birth.


  • Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda - This is the trio relationship between Melinda and her two brothers, and how they interact as a group. Chris and Wyatt had always been close growing up, while Melinda was distant from her brothers.
Main article: Wyatt and Melinda
  • Wyatt Halliwell - Wyatt and Melinda have always been close, and even though they sometimes argue, they would do anything for each other. Wyatt is very protective of his sister and would hurt anyone that hurt her. He shows her how to use her magic, and is her go-to person when she needs advice on anything. But when she is in trouble, she refuses to go to him, as he tends to give her lectures instead of actually her.
Main article: Chris and Melinda
  • Chris Halliwell - Chris and Melinda aren't the ideal brother and sister; they argue constantly and have zero respect for each others privacy. When they were younger, they would orb each other around the house and in and out of magic school. Chris constantly picked on her growing up, by stealing her toys and hiding them, orbing her around the house and many more stunts. When Melinda was old enough she started to mimic what he was doing to her, and do them to him: That started the life-long fight. They often have magical fights, where they orb each other around the house and around the globe. But in the end, despite all their fighting, they would do anything to protect each other and help each other out. However, their relationship is strained. Chris is mad at her because he and Wyatt think that Melinda killed Leah. Plus, Chris doesn't trust Marcus and want her to break up with him, which both hurts and offends Melinda.
  • Paris Halliwell - Paris is Melinda's maternal cousin via her Aunt Phoebe. The relationship between Melinda and Paris is extremely tense and hostile, mainly due to the girls strong yet opposing personalities. Melinda often likes to take charge, while Paris hates being told what to do and has problems with authority. This causes them to argue frequently, although, at the end of the day they are cousins and would fight for one another.

Main article: Melinda and Marcus
Melinda marcus
  • Marcus - Marcus is one of Melinda's first lovers, and they have been dating - secretly - for almost three months. She loves him very much and doesn't care what he is. Melinda is a positive outlook for Marcus and keeps him in check, and when he is around her he is good and positive. They are hiding their relationship, as she knows her family's history with demons and half-demon relationships. Even though she thinks that her Aunt Phoebe might understand, Melinda and Marcus have agreed to keep it under wraps for now. Melinda does whatever she can to keep him safe from harm, and is always there for him whenever he needs her. Their relationship is getting serious, and Melinda wants to tell her parents and family, but she can't because she knows the risk.

In A House of Death, Melinda reveals Marcus as her lover to her family. However, her family doesn't know for his demonic nature and assume that he's a regular mortal as Melinda hides the truth from them. Even though most of her family accepts him, Chris has doubts about him and wants Melinda to break up with him. In response, she tells him that she trusts him and it should be enough for him. Melinda is determined and won't break up with him.

  • Hope Kermen - Melinda and Hope are friends through Melinda's older brother, Wyatt, who Hope has a budding relationship with. They are also allies and friendly toward one another.
  • Laurel Raven -
  • Kyle Raven -

Notes and Trivia

  • Melinda was the first child that Piper saw in the future, and when she became pregnant with Wyatt, she thought it was going to be a girl - only to later find out it was a boy instead.
  • She is the youngest sister to Wyatt and Chris Halliwell, and the last born child and only daughter, of Piper and Leo Wyatt.
  • She was named after Melinda Warren, the witch who started the Charmed legacy. She is also named after her late Aunt, Prudence Halliwell.
  • She has many similarities to her ancestor, Melinda Warren.
    • The share the same name - Melinda was named after her.
    • They both possess the power of Telekinesis.
    • They both have created a Book of Shadows.
    • Both were prophesied to be extremely powerful children that could be swayed to be good or evil.
    • Both have dated a demonic being; Melinda W. dated the warlock Matthew Tate, and Melinda H. is currently dating a Demon-Human hybrid named Marcus.
  • Melinda, unlike her oldest brother, she didn't come into her powers until she was at least a year old. The first power she used was telekinesis and possibly a form of conjuring.
  • Since her older brothers had very magical upbringings, her parents wanted their only daughter to leave a somewhat "normal" childhood. Therefore, she didn't start going to magic school until she was in High School. Even then, she attended "normal" school as well.
  • Melinda works at her mother restaurant, Halliwell's, as a part-time waitress.
  • Her best friend, Sierra, is a human who Melinda met in Elementary School.
  • She is secretly dating a demon-human hybrid named Marcus.
    • However, she introduced him to her family as a human.
  • She has her own Book of Shadows that she started/created when she was below the age of ten.
  • She may or may not have killed Leah Adams, a Demonic-Witch.[3]
    • In Check Mate, she denies this claim, even stating that she's hurt by the accusation made against her by her brother, Wyatt.

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