Hybrids are a combination between two species, born from the union of two beings from different species. In the Charmed universe, it was revealed that many magical beings can have children with other magical species, resulting in the birth of hybrids.

It is typical that these hybrids will inherit powers from one or both magical parents and may develop unique hybrid powers.

Whitelighter-Witches Edit

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Wyatt Halliwell

Whitelighter-Witches are the cross between a witch and a whitelighter, which was originally a union forbidden by the Elders. The first of this breed was Paige Matthews, the secret daughter of Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder. Additionally, the children of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt are all Whitelighter-Witches. Even Melinda Halliwell, who was conceived after Leo became mortal due to residual Whitelighter DNA that was tampered with by the Elders, in hopes of her being a Twice-Blessed Child.

Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell's twin daughters are also Whitelighter-Witches, due to their mother being one prior to their birth.

In the Parallel World, a counterpart to Whitelighter-Witches existed in the form of Darklighter-Witches due to morality being reversed.

Examples Edit

Demon-Mortals/Humans Edit

Half-Demons are half mortal and half demon. Demon Hybrids possess souls and are capable of experiencing emotions like love, unlike pure demons. This can sway them to the side of good, as proven by Cole Turner through his love for Phoebe Halliwell. Some demons intentionally create hybrids by mating with mortals. Manticores are known to do this in order for their kind to blend in with the mortal world. A half-demon Sirk once tried to become fully demon by killing all his mortal relatives. Marcus is also a demon-human hybrid, but his origins are unknown.

Examples Edit

  • Cole Turner (as Belthazor)
  • Half-Manticores
  • Sirk
  • Marcus

Demon-Witches Edit

The unborn son of Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner would have been the only known Demon-Witch hybrid in existence. The child died along with the Seer when she stole him from Phoebe and his powers overwhelmed her, vanquishing them both. Because of this, the child was never born or named.

Cupid-Witches Edit

Main article: Cupid-WitchA Cupid Witch is a cross-breed between a cupid and a witch. Phoebe Halliwell and Coop's union created these hybrids. Coop, a Cupid, was set down by the Elders in hopes that Phoebe would fall in love with him. The two married and had three daughters It is unknown whether there are any other cupid-witch hybrids in existence, although it is unlikely.

Banshee-Human Edit

A Banshee-Human is the offspring of a Banshee and a Human. At the moment, there is only one known Banshee-Human in existence, although it is possible that more exist due to the nature of how Hope Kermen as conceived.

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