Hope Kermen
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Biographical information
Physical description
Name: Hope Kermen
Alias: Little Miss. Touchy (By Grumpy Only)
Sleeping Beauty (By Wyatt Only
Born: June 16th, 2007
Gender: Female
Species: Banshee-Human
Marital: Single
Occupation: Assistant for Sara Lynn at Interior Chic Designs
Height: 5'3"
Hair color: Burgundy
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Caucasian (Pale)
Status: Alive
Magic and Powers
  • Harbinger of Death
  • The Wailing Woman
Active Powers:
Inactive Powers:
  • Good
Portrayed by: Holland Roden
Seasons: Season One
First seen: Must Be The Heart
Hope Kermen is a fictional character created by TotallyWitchy for Fated. All traits and plots throughout the series belong to her.

Witch?! I am not a witch. I’m not like you guys. I don’t know what happened and I don’t want to know, okay?

Hope Kermen is a character that made her debut appearance in Must Be The Heart.

She is an assistant at Interior Chic Designs and is a close friend with her boss, Sara Lynn. Sara is also Prue Halliwell's newest charge.

Hope originally thought herself to be just a normal, mortal assistant, and that is what others though of her. However, it was later revealed to be more than that, during a fight against the demon, Killian. During the fight, where she was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, she was attacked by Killian. She was suddenly overcome by fear, and tapped into her dormant Banshee side and emitted a Sonic Scream.

She was then brought back to the Manor and let in on the Halliwell-Mitchell family's secret. She was also told about the secret of magic and the Magical Community. Since then, she has been on a journey of self-discovery and romance.

Early HistoryEdit

Father's Affair Edit

Before Hope was born, her father had an affair with an unknown woman. Her mother found out and that caused her mother to be heartbroken and very angry. Since her mother was a witch, this anger and heartbreak attracted a coven of Banshees to her. She was then turned into a Banshee, and left Hope's father to be with the Banshees.

Pre-Birth Edit

Hope's mother found out she was pregnant with Hope after she became a Banshee, and originally ignored it, insisting that it wasn't real. A few months later, when Hope was starting to become a little human, her mother fell in love with her. Her love for her daughter turned her back into a human, but she stayed with the Banshees until the birth of her daughter.

Hope's mother stayed with the Banshees for a little while after Hope's birth. Because of this, Hope's child-ears were susceptible to the Banshees screams. Her human ears couldn't stand the screams, and this forced her mother to give her up. She gave Hope to her ex-husband (Hope's father) and never turned back.

Growing up Edit

She was raised by her father and presumably her paternal Grandparents. Hope was kept in the dark about the truth of her origins and mother, and was told that her mother was dead. She also knew nothing about her Banshee side, or her ties to the Magical Community. For the most part, she grew up as a mortal woman.

Before Fated Edit

Prior to Hope's introduction to Fated and her meeting the Fated Ones, she worked as an assistant to Sara Lynn at Sara's company, Interior Chic Designs. Hope was also oblivious to the supernatural and magical world, and was under the impression that she was a mortal.

Physical Appearance Edit

Hope 1x03

Hope talking to the Fated Ones

Hope is a beautifully thin and petite young woman standing at 5'3", and is shown to be of a slim build. She has young looking features and is very pretty. She has very pale skin, long red hair, green eyes, and thin eyebrows. She has naturally full, often red or pink, lips and a wide smile that is quite endearing. She looks rather youthful and dresses quite youthful as well.

Her clothing attire is very fashionable and hip with earthly tones, as she is seen wearing dresses or pencil skirts with dressy blouses and high heels or booties. She likes to keep her eye makeup to a minimum in favor of wearing bold colored lipstick, and occasionally wears thin chain necklaces or simple rings to accessorize.

Personality Edit

Hope is a highly intelligent, overachieving, and extremely patient young woman. She constantly balances many jobs, most for her boss Sara Lynn. These can include numerous phone calls, scheduling or canceling meetings, juggling interns, speaking to clients, and even smaller jobs like getting coffee etc. Hope has been shown to have an extremely good memory, as she is able to remember every task that Sara throws her way no matter how ridiculous.

She is also kind and caring, as well as extremely loyal to her friends and people she cares about. This was proven when she grew worried about Sara's romantic life because she knew how much Sara cared about her partner. She has a strong mind and is kind, loyal, extremely intelligent (and unafraid to show it), and determined to help people however she can.

Powers and Abilities Edit

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"A banshee is a mythical creature who has a scream that is extremely deadly. However, most of them aren't human looking. Which makes me think she must be half human, half-banshee hybrid."
Leo on Hope's hybrid status

Hope is a half-banshee half-human hybrid. Due to her human side, she doesn't appear to look like a normal banshee. Instead, she resembles that of a human. It was stated that as a child her human ears couldn't stand the sound of the Banshee's screaming. Years later she would possess Sonic Scream and be able to hear it without difficulty.

Her Sonic Scream power was activated for the first time in Must Be The Heart when she was afraid for her life for the first time. Episodes later in A Visit To Another Time, her powers advance and she senses a death for the first time. She originally didn't know who it was that was going to die, but later was able to see who it was and draw a picture of her.

Relationships Edit

Sara Lynn Edit

Sara lynn
Sara Lynn is Hope's friend and boss at Sara's personal company, Interior Chic Designs. Hope was hired at the company's opening in the late 2020's as Sara's personal assistant.

Although originally just cordial, the two became close friends both inside and outside of the office. In Must Be The Heart, Hope worries about her friend's romantic life after Sara postpones a dinner date with her boyfriend and possible soul mate.

Wyatt Halliwell Edit

Main article: Wyatt and Hope

Wyatt and Hope met when Prue brought Hope back to the Halliwell Manor to talk about Hope's strange abilities. Wyatt and Hope became friends and he started to teach her how to control her magic and even introduced her to the Magical Community.

Other Edit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Hope's mother gave her up to her father because Hope's human ears couldn't handle the Banshee screams from her mother's coven.
  • Her father lied to her about her mother and where her mother is/who she is.
  • Her mother was a witch, who was heartbroken due to the fact her husband, Hope's father, had an affair. She turned into a Banshee while she was pregnant with her only daughter, Hope.
    • Hope's mother was indirectly turned back into her original form by Hope because her mother loved her so much.
    • The fact that her mother was a Banshee during her pregnancy, explains why instead of being a witch, what Hope could be, she become a hybrid - Banshee-Human.
  • Hope is an assistant to Sara Lynn, the owner, and CEO of Interior Chic Designs.
  • She is very loyal and tries to help her friends and family out.
  • She was originally thought to be a human, but she was then revealed to be Banshee-Human.
    • At this time, she is believed to be the only Banshee-Human in the world.
    • She, herself, didn't know about her Banshee side due to it being dormant until recently.
  • Hope indirectly helped to vanquish Killian, an upper-level demon that was targeting her boss.
  • She has met and interacted with the Magical Community. She becomes a member of the Community in the same episode.
  • She sensed Leah Adams' death in A Visit To Another Time. This is her first power advancement in both the series and in her life.
    • It unknown if it's because Hope is good at drawing, or because it's a part of her power, but Hope was able to sense and also draw Leah' death.
  • Upon finding out about the supernatural and her own ties to the Supernatural Community, she was originally in denial and wanted nothing to do with magic. But with time, she was able to open up and accept who she is, though she is still working on it.

Appearances in Fated Edit

Season One Edit


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Other Edit

  • When asked about the future of the character and what impact Hope has on the rest of the Season, the author stated, "Hope's character has potential to be something very different. I feel like she brings a different edge to the show and the universe of Fated. She also expands on the already set mythology of Banshees from Charmed. [...] Hope shakes up a certain character on the show and becomes an asset to the Fated Ones in many different ways."