Henry Mitchell
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August 10th, 1974 (Age 56))


Married to Paige Matthews


Parole Officer

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Family members

Parole Officer

Character information
First appearance


Portrayed By

Ivan Sergei

Henry Mitchell is the mortal husband of Charmed One, Paige Matthews, and a parole officer for the San Francisco Police Department. He is the father of their twin daughters Sabrina and Kathrine Mitchell and their adopted son Henry Mitchell Jr.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Little is known about Henry prior to his first encounter with Paige Matthews, other than that he grew up in foster homes. Because the social agency kept moving him around whenever he got close to someone, he developed a fear of opening up to other people, including Paige. But later, he learns to overcome that fear.

Meeting Paige and Marriage Edit

In 2006, Henry met Paige when she was protecting a future whitelighter. Paige first used her healing powers on Henry after he was shot in an attempted armed robbery. Because her love for him was so strong, it awakened the power. She revealed to him that she was a witch soon after that, a revelation he took rather well - while he was certainly confused about aspects of Paige's life as a witch, he never became afraid of her or the life she led.

Henry proposed to Paige at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge soon after. Paige and Henry finally wed in Halliwell Manor with their close family and friends present.

A while after the Ultimate Battle, Paige fell pregnant with twins: Sabrina and Kathrine Mitchell. More than a year after, Paige saved Junior from his biological mother's womb. Paige and Henry later adopted Junior, a mortal.

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