The Halliwell Manor is a Victorian style manor located at 1329 Prescott Street, San Francisco. The original structure was built in 1898 and was rebuilt in 1906. The manor has been in The Warren Line for five generations, the first generation being Gordon Johnson and his wife, P. Baxter. The Halliwell Manor was built on a Spiritual Nexus and has been the seat of power for The Charmed Ones since their awakening in 1998. It is also the home of the Twice-Blessed Children and the meeting place for the Fated Ones.

History Edit

The Nexus Edit

Since the Halliwell Manor is exactly situated at the center of five essential life elements (fire, water, earth, wood, and metal), it is located on top of a Spiritual Nexus. These five essential life elements are: the San Francisco Bay (Water), the Potrero Natural Hot Springs (Fire), Kenwood Park (Wood), The Twin Peaks (Earth) and Mountain Lake Park (Metal). When connected, these five points form a pentagram with the manor in the center, making it not only a spiritual nexus but a Wiccan symbol. 

The Nexus is a neutral source of power that could be accessed by good and evil. The Charmed Ones' great-grandparents bought the area and built the manor over over the Nexus  to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil. As forces of good were in control of the manor, the Nexus was described as providing an extra boost of power to the sisters and generations to come.

For this reason, good would always go on as long as the sisters were in control of the manor. However, if the manor is overtaken by evil, it would gain control over the Nexus and evil would spread. As the Nexus is a neutral force, those born on top the Nexus are more easily swayed by the forces of good and evil.

Bedrooms Edit

The Halliwell Manor has three bedrooms in the house, the master bedroom and two smaller rooms.

Master Bedroom Edit

Piper Bedroom

Piper in her Bedroom

The master bedroom was initially used by Penny Halliwell until she moved out of the manor. It was used by Patty and Victor, until their divorce and Patty's death. Victor then left, and at this point Penny moved back in to take care of her granddaughters. After Penny's death, Prue moved into the master bedroom until Piper and Leo got married, and Prue moved out so that the newlyweds could have the bigger bedroom. 

Second Bedroom Edit

Chris Bedroom

This bedroom was initially used by Piper until she switched rooms with Prue after getting married and Leo moved in. Prue then used this room until her tragic and ultimate death.

The room was then empty for a while until Paige moved into the manor. After Paige moved in with Henry, Wyatt and Chris shared the room until Wyatt moved out. Chris now inhabits the room on his own.

Third Bedroom Edit

Melinda Bedroom

Melinda's Room

The third and most likely the smallest bedroom was primarily used by Phoebe until she eventually moved into her own condo. It was also temporarily used by Billie Jenkins and presumably Christy Jenkins when they stayed at the manor until they both moved out permanently. After Phoebe and Paige moved out for good, this room was converted to a bedroom for Melinda after her birth.

Melinda decided to re-do the whole room, and it is very much her. Not Pictured: Dresser, closet, love seat, and bookcase.

Other Rooms Edit

There are several other rooms in the Halliwell Manor.

Entry Way Edit

Halliwell Manor Entry Way

Entry Way

The foyer is the main hall of the manor and leads straight into the sitting room, though it can also be used to access the living room directly right upon entry through the front door. The foyer is most notable for being the location where the "door tradition" started.

The Attic Edit

The attic of the manor is located on the third floor and can be accessed through a stairway on the Second Floor. It is a large space that takes up nearly the entire third floor. Aside from being a basic attic used for storage, the attic was the place where the Book of Shadows was kept by the Charmed Ones and Penny Halliwell before them. It is filled with potions, spell books, fairy tales, and more magical items.

As the sisters grew up in the manor unaware of their heritage, the attic was kept locked by Penny at all times while she told her granddaughters that it was sealed off completely. The door was unlocked the night Phoebe went there after the Spirit Board had given her the word "Attic" as a message. 

The Kitchen Edit

Halliwell Manor Kitchen

The Kitchen

The kitchen of the manor was a large and bright-colored room with an entrance to the dining room, the basement, and the laundry room. Like any household, the sisters spent a lot of time in the kitchen for regular daily activities and conversations. Additionally, the sisters kept several potion ingredients in the kitchen and brewed potions when the potion required to be prepared on the stove. As a chef and most skilled potion maker, Piper spends the most time in the kitchen

Dining Room Edit

Halliwell Manor Dining Room

Dining Room

The sitting room is the central room of the manor, which leads to the front door through the foyer and also connects to the living room, conservatory, and the dining room. The stairway is also located in the sitting room. The sitting room was primarily used for regular, everyday activities, though it was also used for several important events. The sisters often studied the Book of Shadows here whenever it was not in the attic. It is also the location where the wedding of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt was held. It was also the location the Ultimate Battle was fought.

Sun Room Edit

Halliwell Manor Sun Room

Sun Room

The conservatory also called the sunroom, is a spacious room in the manor that is brightly lit by the many windows and open doors to the garden. It also connects to the sitting room, the living room, and the dining room. The conservatory is generally used as a place of family moments and relaxation in the morning and afternoon, especially during warm seasons. The sisters often came here to relax and talk with each other. It was also used as a playroom for Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda.

Additionally, the room severed as an important location for various events. It is the location where the wedding of Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell took place. It is also where Piper vanquished The Titans as the Goddess of Earth. Lastly, the conservatory is also the place where Prudence Halliwell died after she was blasted through a wall by Shax.

Sitting Room Edit

Halliwell Manor Sitting Room

Sitting Room

The sitting room is the central room of the manor, which leads to the front door through the foyer and also connects to the living room, conservatory, and the dining room. The stairway is also located in the sitting room. The sitting room was primarily used for regular, everyday activities, though it was also used for several important events. The sisters often studied the Book of Shadows here whenever it was not in the attic. It is also the location where the wedding of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt was held. It was also the location the Ultimate Battle was fought.

Living Room Edit

The living room of manor is a regular sized room located at the front of the manor. It can be accessed through the foyer, the sitting room, and the conservatory. The living room has a fireplace and is generally used as a regular living room.

Bathrooms Edit

The manor initially has two bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs, located underneath the stairway. For several years, the downstairs bathroom was a closet, but it was then changed back after the birth of Melinda Halliwell. The upstairs bathroom is a large room located at the front of the manor. Several notable events took place in the bathroom, including Leo's marriage proposal to Piper.

Other Rooms Edit

The manor has several other rooms that fulfill different functions. The sisters once mentioned that Grams had a small sewing room on the second floor. Additionally, there is a laundry room on the first floor that can be accessed through the kitchen.

Garage Edit

The manor has a garage at the end of their driveway, which is located behind the manor. 

Garden Edit

Halliwell Manor Garden


The manor has a rather large garden, or backyard, which was rarely used by the sisters. When the manor was still a speakeasy in the 1920s, P. Russell met here with her lover Anton and consumed a potion here to triple the strength of her powers. The sisters once spent a night in the garden to witness the Aurora Borealis.

It is now used to grow herbs and other potion ingredients.

Notable Events Edit

Notable events that took place at the Halliwell Manor are listed below. These are events that happened in both Fated and Charmed respectively

General Edit

  • Paige's birthday celebration is held, which results in demons attacking. Paige, Prue, and Sierra die, which prompts Kathrine, Chris, and Parker to go back in time and fix it. They eventually succeed, and everything is returned to normal.[1]
  • The Manor becomes overrun with Magical Creatures during the Magical Blackout.[2]
  • The Power of Three is reconstituted by Prue Halliwell.[3]

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Other Versions Edit

The Manor in the past, alternate realities, and alternate timelines.

1920's Edit

In the 1920's, the Charmed Ones' great grandmother, P. Baxter operated a speakeasy out of the manor with her husband Gordon Johnson. She owned the Manor together with her cousins P. Bowen and P. Russell. Bowen was a celebrated photographer who had people lined up to get their portraits taken by her in the manor. Russell told people's fortunes and did certain magic for people for a price. In 1924, Baxter and Bowen killed Russell in the manor after she turned evil and tried to kill them for their powers with her warlock lover, Anton.

1960's Edit

Halliwell Manor Hippie Days

The Manor in the 1960's.

In 1967, when Penny and Allen Halliwell were leaders in the peace-loving community, the manor was used as a hippie commune, where Witches and Whitelighters would hang out and perform magic. Leo Wyatt frequented the Manor during this time. Penny and Allen were planning to hold a magical be-in where the witches in attendance would tap into the power of the Nexus to "ride the magical wave". Unfortunately, Penny's friend Robin allowed her warlock boyfriend, Nigel, to attack and kill Allen. Afterward, Penny vanquished both of them and became a powerful and determined witch.

2001/Alternate Reality Edit

Halliwell Manor Mental Hospital

The Manor as a Mental Hospital.

In 2001, in order to get Piper to relinquish the powers of the Charmed Ones, the Source of All Evil kidnapped her and placed her inside an illusion in her mind. In her delusion, she became a patient in a mental hospital, which was located in the manor. After manipulation by the Source, Piper was driven to giving up her powers, though she was stopped in time by Leo and her sisters.

2003/Alternate Reality Edit

Halliwell Manor AU1

In 2003, in a twisted attempt to win Phoebe back, Cole accepted the offer to become an Avatar, giving him the power to alter reality. He created a new reality where Piper and Phoebe had never met Paige, thus ensuring the Charmed Ones were never reconstituted. However, Paige accidentally wound up in the new reality as well and managed to reunite her sisters and Phoebe vanquished Cole once and for all. In this reality, the manor was controlled by Cole and his demons, with Phoebe being stuck in the manor and a loveless marriage.

2003/Alternate Reality (2) Edit

In 2003, it is revealed by Chris Halliwell, that Wyatt Halliwell would turn evil in the future and ruled the entire city of San Francisco after magic was exposed. Wyatt had transformed the manor into a museum to show the power from which he came. The manor was filled with several memorabilia of important events in the lives of the Charmed Ones and tours were given to mortals.

2006 Edit

Main article: Ultimate Battle

In 2006, a battle between Christy and Billie Jenkins and the Halliwell Sisters was fought. In the progress, both respective sisters had obtained the powerful force, known as the Hollow, to destroy each other. However, the clash of their powers destroyed the manor in a huge explosion, killing everyone except Piper and Billie. Both sisters then set out to change the past and save their respective sisters. Piper and her family managed to prevent the manor from being destroyed in a new timeline by returning the Hollow to its burial ground. The Ultimate Battle was later won when Billie realized she was being manipulated, and joined the Charmed Ones to vanquish Christy and the Triad.

Door Tradition Edit

A trademark of Charmed is that the front door is magically closed at the end of each season. This tradition started in both the unaired and aired pilot by Prudence Halliwell. Ever since every season finale ended with the door magically being closed. This tradition is said to be kept during Fated, although it was not seen in the pilot.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Throughout the series, there is a running gag that the Grandfather Clock in the foyer is constantly being destroyed, and having to be repaired. 
  • A dollhouse replica of Halliwell Manor was constructed by Penny Halliwell.
  • The Halliwell Manor exists in both the Spiritual and Ancestral Plane.

References Edit

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