The Halliwell-Coop Manor is the house that Phoebe Halliwell and Coop bought after the birth of their first daughter, Prue. It is next door to the Halliwell manor.

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The house was purchased by Dan and Jenny Gordon in 1999, who lived there until 2000 when they sold it.

By 2004, Mrs. Noble had moved in. She had put a privacy fence around her backyard. However, she sold the house two years later and moved into a smaller house.

Leaving the Condo Edit

Purchased sometime in 2006, Phoebe and Coop lived there after leaving their condo, The building appears to be on the main street, and the living room is on the right of the front door while Prue's room is upstairs on the left.

Lost Keys Edit

In 2007, Phoebe was in a rush to go to work and had lost her keys, and searched the entire house for them. Finally, Coop gave them to her, and she left the house quickly. However, she was beamed straight back to Coop, and she thought it was him who had teleported her back because she forgot to kiss him; but it was actually baby Prue coming into her powers

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  • The house had a designated baby room, which is now Paris' room.
  • After Shane Newman's vanquish destroyed Parker's apartment, she moved back into the family manor.

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