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Location: San Francisco
Description: Restaurant

Halliwell's is the restaurant of Piper Halliwell. After nine years of owning a successful nightclub called P3, Piper closed and sold the club in order to fulfill her lifelong dream of owning her own restaurant.

History Edit

Locations Edit

In 2008, Piper was scouting for locations for her new restaurant, while keeping P3 up and running until she could find a place. Piper's realtor showed her multiple locations, though none of them suited her taste, which annoyed her busy realtor. She told her realtor she didn't want something dark and dingy like her club.

They eventually came across a dilapidated old building, and Piper instantly knew it was the perfect place. Piper brought her family to the building, to show them her restaurant. Piper summoned Grams to show her the building, and Grams warned her that it would need lots of renovations. However, Piper explained that they had a number of great renovators including Leo, who would have to fix the house anyway. By this time, Piper had still not picked a name for it.

Opening Edit

Originally called Piper's Place, Piper prepared the opening night for her restaurant. The opening night at the restaurant was a huge success, with Piper finally reaching her goal and with a young Wyatt waiting on people with appetizers in an adorable suit, she knew that it was perfect. After the night was over, the family gathered in the courtyard of the restaurant to celebrate and give a toast to Piper. When Piper saw her whole family together, she knew instantly that "Piper's Place" was the wrong name. She then renamed it Halliwell's.

Employees Edit

There are many employees at Halliwell's, and the majority of them are family and family friends. Not all employees are known.


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