Below is information on Moderators aka Mods and who they are. Being a moderator makes "MODERATOR" appear next to a user's name on their profile.

Moderators on Fated Edit

What are Moderators? Edit

Moderators are people who volunteer there time to help with the Wikia. Certain Mods have different jobs assigned to them, and not all Mos are the same. Moderators are users who have additional options available to manage thread conversations in the Forum and Message Wall features. Like other staff members, they are here to help and guide you.

What can Moderators do that I can't? Edit

  • Manage thread conversations in Forum
  • Manage Message Wall features
  • Remove and restore threads and replies from any user
  • Close and reopen threads (also known as locking and unlocking)
  • Manage Forum boards
  • Move threads from one board to another
  • Highlight and un-highlight threads

Types of Moderators Edit

There are multiple types of Moderators, and they all have different jobs.

  • Forum Moderator; Moderators that only work in the Forums
  • Message Wall Moderators; Moderators that are in charge of monitoring players Message Walls, and manage Message Wall features.
  • Chat Moderators; Moderators that are in charge of chat etc. Please see Chat Moderators for more information.

How to become a Moderator Edit

  • Must have made 10 - 15 edits on the Wikia already
  • Be helpful in the Wikia and be willing to help others
  • Must have extensive or deep knowledge on how Forums/Message Walls work
  • Contact the Owner and be elected by the rest of the Staff/Members of the community
  • Have watched and have knowledge of Charmed

Who are they? Edit

The follow people are Moderators of Fated, there jobs are listed as well.