Below is information on Administrators and who they are. Being an administrator makes "ADMIN" appear next to a user's name on their profile.

Administrators on Fated

What are Admins?

Admin(s) are people who volunteer their time to help with the Wikia and are in charge of helping others and helping the Wikia. Certain Admins have different jobs assigned to them, and not all Admins are the same. They are here to help and guide you. They also have a vast knowledge of Charmed and Fated.

They are still entitled to follow the Rules/Policies, and even have additional rules to follow. Please remember that they are still humans and will make mistakes. Admins are also entitled to make decisions about rule-breakers (after consulting with everyone) and can block, ban, or even remove you from the Wikia. If you feel an Admin is being rude, mean, is breaking a rule that Admins should follow, or has given you an unfair punishment, please message TotallyWitchy immediately.

What can Admins do that I can't?

  • All privileges from the chat moderator and rollback groups.
  • Delete and undelete pages.
  • Delete and undelete images or files.
  • Lock (protect) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without admin privileges.
  • Lock (protect) files so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without admin privileges.
  • Block users who are vandalizing the Wikia from editing, etc.
  • Grant and revoke both the chat moderator rights and forum moderator rights.
  • Edit the Wikia's skin and format.
  • Create upcoming character pages, upcoming episode pages, etc.

Type of Admins

On Fated there are three types of Admins: Head Admin, Second In Command Admin, and regular Admins.

  • The Head Admin is the Founder of the Wikia.
  • The Second in Command Admin is the person that watches over the Wikia/is in charge of it while the Head Admin is absent.
  • Regular Admins are in charge of making sure that everyone follows the Rules, can create character pages, and much, much more!

How to become an Admin

  • Must have made 10 - 15 edits on the Wikia already.
  • Must have watched or have extensive knowledge of Charmed.
  • Must be a fan of Fated, and have knowledge of Fated.
  • Be helpful in the Wikia community and be willing to help others regardless of who it is.
  • Contact the Owner and be elected by the other Staff and Members of the community.

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