Fairy 1x06 episode picture
Species Information
Status Endangered
Season(s) Season One
Distinction Small creatures with wings

Fairies are magical beings that live in a realm parallel to the mortal realm, known as the Magical Realms or the Enchanted Kingdom. The realms are separated by a thin veil, that can be crossed through portals in the 'in beween places' or 'Tween places', such as doorways and shadows. The Fairies have a royal family and rule over the kingdom. Their natural enemies are trolls, who seek to take the kingdom for themselves.

Fairies are good beings in nature, as they are kind-hearted to children, whom they often befriend. However, they are also quite mischievous and like to tease adults by stealing and hiding their belongings. All children can see fairies until a certain age, when they lose their innocence.

Fairies create a magical dust known as fairy dust, through which they, and others in control of the dust, can achieve various magical things. Fairy wings are used as ingredients for certain potions.

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