Dream Precognition
Power Information
Effects: Percieve the future through dreams
Trigger: Sleep, Automatic
Alignment: Neutral
Category: Supportive Power

Precognitive dreams are "dreams" that predict the future through a sixth sense; the power to perceive future events while in a dream state. It is a variation of Premonition and is a precongnitive ability.

Description Edit

Dream Precognition is the ability to perceive the future through the use of dreams. It can be noted that this power is very similar to Premonition.

Types of Dream Precognition Edit

Premonition's Edit

The ability to receive a premonition while in a dream-like state. Normally, while the user is having a normal dream, a premonition will hit and take over their subconscious state. In some cases, the premonition is very similar to a dream - being able to hear, touch, smell, and feel what is going on. In other cases, it is just a flash of the future and then the user will awaken.

Living Edit

Some users may expierence the premonition as if they are living in the premoniton, feeling it as if they were awake, despite being asleep.

List of user who use(d) Dream Precognition Edit

Natural Power Edit

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The power only works when the user falls asleep naturally.
  • Often times the dream may be too abstract to discern properly.
  • The dream can sometimes be forgotten like so many other dreams which is why, in some cases, the dream becomes recurring until the user remembers it in there waking state.
  • Often the dream can be confused with normal dreams or the other way around.
  • Paris won't dream normally, or return to a completely healthy state until she recgonizes the premonition within her dream.

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