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Don't Mess With Magic
Season One, Episode 06
1x06 Episode Picture
Air date 8/7/2016
Written by TotallyWitchy
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Don't Mess With Magic, is the sixth episode of Season One and is by Totally Witchy.


SURFING THE AFTERSHOCKS -- With the magical community still reeling from past events, it's up to the Halliwell children to fix it. But when magical creatures start resurfacing in the mortal world and also appear to be losing their magic, things quickly turn south. This causes Melinda to call some unlikely people for help. Elsewhere, Paris gets a new power that has her second guessing everything.


Don't Mess With Magic/Transcript


Main Cast

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Chris small
Prue small
Parker small
Paris small
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Supportive Cast

Piper small
Phoebe small
Paige small
Leo small
Coop small
Henry small

Recurring Cast

Marcus small
Sierra small
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Hope small

Special Guest Stars


Magical Notes


Powers and Abilities

(* = not well/failed/stripped)


  • Teleportation Potion: Made by Kyle and Laurel Raven.

Spells and Rituals


(* = mentioned only/unseen)

  • Magical Newsletter*: A newsletter that goes around to numerous magical beings and informs them on the news going on in The Magical Community. Melinda always threw them out unknowingly.
  • Numerous books at Magic School:
  • Melinda's Book of Shadows: Melinda's childhood Book of Shadows that contains numerous spells and potions.
  • Cauldron: A large pot used to brew potions etc. in.
  • Luesent's Athame*: A powerful athame capable of removing magic from magical beings.




Notes and Trivia

  • Takes place three days after the previous episode.
  • KyleLaurel, and Hope will be returning.
  • Like her mother, Melinda always feels sore after a fight.
  • The Elders think that there is someone in the magical community that is working for Luesent - a traitor. They aren't sure who yet.


  • Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse
  • Unknown Intense Music by Unknown
  • One Call Away by Charlie Puth


On the Magical Blackout
  • "The idea Magical Blackout as many people are calling it now, really stemmed from the many times that magic kind of went haywire during Charmed. In this episode, we introduced the idea that magic isn't always a guaranteed thing. We kind of get to see the Fated Ones being forced to use other methods besides their powers; driving instead of orbing or beaming, calling someone on the phone instead of yelling their name and they're there, and even the little things like the ability to scry were suddenly gone. Seeing the Magical Community pull together was a big thing for this episode and one that I wanted to make as prominent as possible. As for who had enough power to pull off a stunt like this, well, that's a dangerous thing that will bother a certain Fated One."
On the Magical Community
  • "I love the Magical Community! The fact that they all actually worked together so many times and were able to tolerate each other, for me, was awesome. I wanted to show their willingness to accept new people, such as Hope, into the group. Something is going to happen with them much, much later on down the road, and there are some moments that occurred in this episode that are Easter Eggs of what is to come."
On Hope and Wyatt's Relationship
  • "Hope and Wyatt are... And an interesting pairing. Hope is the kind, following, and in many ways, the oblivious person in the series. She has no idea of what is going on, who she is, what her role in the community of magic is, and the reality of what magic is. Wyatt is the often times, blunt, leader, and knowledgeable person in the series. He knows everything, everyone, where he comes from, who he is, exactly what he needs to do... He has these responsibilities - just like Hope does, and in many ways, these opposite traits will attract. But whether or not they will meet and a positive outcome will prevail, or they meet and everything goes to hell is something people will have to wait and see."