Cupid Stone
Artifact Information
Description: A stone that belongs only to Cupids and Cupid-Witches, that has magical powers that can help the Cupids/Cupid-Witches with their charges. It also grants the user additional powers.
Usage: To spread love, along with numerous other usages
  • The Cupids (presumably)
Alignment: Good

Cupid Stone is a powerful magical artifact owned by Cupids, that comes in the form of either a Ring, Bracelet, or Necklace. They use their stones to guide their charges and are granted additional powers.

History Edit

Cupid-Witches are shown to possess the power of Remote Beaming, presumably through their Wiccan powers enabling the magic.

It has been shown that other magical beings, specifically Witches, can access the powers of the stones/accessories. This was shown when both Piper Halliwell and Christy Jenkins used the ring to Time Travel. However, controlling the stone's powers might be difficult, as the stone is motivated by the heart and not the mind.

It is not immune to powers like telekinetic orbing, as proven when Paige was able to summon it to her from Christy. The stone on the ring resembles a moonstone.

When Cupids use the ring, it is recognizable by the flash of pink emitted from the stone. However, when demons used it, it was recognizable by the flash of green emitted from the stone.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The stones have their own powers, these are separate from the wearers powers.

  • Beaming; Most Cupids are powerless without their ring/bracelet/necklace and are shown to be unable to beam without it. However, Prue, Parker, and Coop have been shown to not need their stone to beam - while Paris does.
  • Time Travel; Cupids/Cupid-Witches have the ability to Time-Travel, but only when in possession of a stone. They can only time travel by follow their hearts - or their charges hearts - and follow the trail of love.
  • Temporal Stasis; The ability to slow down time for a few seconds.
  • Body Insertion; The ability to put another person into someone else's body/swap bodies.
  • Holograms
  • Suggestion
  • Projection
  • Soul Absorption

Owners Edit

Cupid-Witches Edit

Cupids Edit

  • Unknown Other Cupids

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • A cupid Ring has been stolen twice; once by Drazi to spread hate, and once by Dumain to go back in time. It hasn't been stolen since Dumain.
  • If a Cupid dies, their stone goes inactive. This was created in order to be sure that a demon couldn't get into the temple by killing a Cupid and stealing there the ring, necklace, etc.
  • The stone itself is white but glows pink when activated.

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