Chris and Melinda
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Intimacy Levels

Siblings, Argue a lot, Saved each other before, She kept her relationship with Marcus from him but later told him, She asked him to pick between helping her or telling Wyatt and he chose Wyatt, He wants her to break up with Marcus.

First Met

March 10th, 2007; Melinda's birth.


Siblings, Close, Relationship Strained

Chris: You need to break up with Marcus. [...] Marcus. He needs to go. I don’t trust him, I get a bad vibe off of him, and yesterday I came in to see him watching TV! He’s a stalker, Mel.
Melinda: I didn’t ask you to trust him – I do, and that is all I need. You’re probably getting nerves from him since he has to deal with my judgmental brothers all the time. He’s welcome in our home and he’s staying. End of discussion.
— Chris and Melinda argue about Marcus in Check Mate

The sibling relationship between Whitelighter-Witches Melinda Halliwell and Chris Halliwell.

Chris and Melinda aren't the ideal brother and sister; they argue constantly and have zero respect for each others privacy. When they were younger, they would orb each other around the house and in and out of magic school. Chris always picked(s) on her, and stole her toys, hiding them, and teasing her. But in the end, they would do anything to protect each other.

Early History Edit

Childhood Edit

When Melinda was born, Chris instantly became attached to her. At first, his teasing was limited; orbing her blanket across the room, stealing her pacifier, etc. When Melinda was old enough she started to mimic what he was doing to her, and do them to him: Thus starting the life long fight that rages on today.

It started with petty things like Chris did to her, but then started into something much bigger. They orbed each other around the house and in and out of magic school, out of the house, to weird islands, and cast spells on each other. Chris constantly picked on her growing up, by stealing her toys and hiding them, and many more stunts.

At one point, Piper and Leo couldn't take it anymore and even went so far as to binding their powers for 24 hours just to make them stop. It didn't work, though, and eventually, they started to lay off each other, but they still argue, bicker, and orb each other around to this day.

Before Fated Edit

Throughout Fated Edit

In Pilot, Chris comforts his sister after Sierra's death and goes back in time to help correct it. He also picks on her for being nervous about vanquishing their first demon together as the Fated Ones. Before they go to Halliwell's, Chris waits behind but is agitated that the girls are taking so long. After finding out that his sister is Twice Blessed as well, he is very happy for her and congratulates her.

In Dancing The Devil's Jig,

In Must Be The Heart,

Throughout Trouble in Twin Town,

In Don't Mess With Magic,

In A House of Death,

A Visit To Another Time, is a rather big episode for their relationship, as Melinda makes him choose between helping her and "tattling" to Wyatt about what she is about to do Leah Adams. He apologizes and then orbs out to find Wyatt.

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