Billie Jenkins-Raven
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October 16th, 1985


Married to Thomas Raven


The Ultimate Power

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  • Christy Jenkins †
  • Carl and Helen Jenkins †
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To live happily


Jenkins-Raven House


Teacher and Fashion Designer


Paige Matthews (Formerly)

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Kaley Cuoco

Billie Jenkins-Raven was created by Brad Kern for the tv-series, Charmed. All character traits in Fated belong to TotallyWitchy though.

Billie Jenkins is a witch, and the youngest daughter born to Carl and Helen Jenkins, and the younger sister of Christy Jenkins.

Besides the basic powers of a witch, such as spell casting, potion making, and scrying, Billie has the powers of Telekinesis and Projection. She is also one half of the "Ultimate Power". According to her mortal parents, her powers came from her maternal grandmother.

She is currently married to Thomas Raven, a witch, and is the mother of Laurel and Kyle Raven.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Billie was born to Carl and Helen Jenkins around 1986. As a child, she maintained a healthy relationship with her older sister, Christy. However, at the age of five, Billie witnessed her sister get brutally kidnapped by someone who would eventually be revealed to be a demon called Reinhardt. Since this event, her parents never spoke of Christy or the incident ever again, as they thought that it was what was best for Billie.

Billie's mother told her that she and her sister inherited their magic from their Grandmother. As a result of this, the Triad hired a demon named Reinhardt to kidnap Christy, knowing that the sisters would eventually grow to be powerful witches with a bond through magic and blood similar to the Charmed Ones. This set things in motion for the two sets of sister witches to stand against each other.

After graduating High School, Billie enrolled and attended UC Berkeley.

Practicing Witchcraft Edit

After the Charmed Ones faked their deaths, Paige was assigned a new charge, who often bothered her by calling for her all the time. When she finally caved in and confronted Billie, she discovered the girl didn't need her help, but rather her guidance. After Billie tried to solve a kidnapping by herself, the Charmed Ones were forced to reveal themselves and save Billie. They then had a deal which entailed Piper, Paige, and Phoebe teaching her magic and, in turn, Billie would pick up the demonic slack so the sisters could retain their mortal lives.

The sisters then let Billie stay in their home in order to help her become more skilled in witchcraft. Despite having many other things to deal with, from time to time, Paige would assist Billie with potion-making and instruct her in fighting demons. The vast majority of the knowledge she came to have was acquired from Leo, whom Paige enlisted to help Billie learn the true definitions and origins of magic, though she also had a tendency to find things out for herself as well. Besides this, she also studied the Warren Book of Shadows and eventually created her own.

As the months went on, Billie became an increasingly powerful witch, proving herself to be a rare magical talent. Her mental based powers eventually expanded into a new active power, Projection: a supremely coveted and rare ability that enables the possessor to manipulate reality. However, it took her some time to adjust to this power, because of her ignorance of how to control it and use it properly.

In fact, when she just only unknowingly developed this power, she actually turned her parents into assassins and nearly got herself killed in the process by them. However, with the help of the sisters, the Book of Shadows, and Leo, she became exceptionally skilled in her Craft and learned to thoroughly embrace her destiny of being a witch.

Saving Christy and The Ultimate Battle Edit

Before Fated Edit

After the ultimate battle, Billie moved away from San Francisco to the city of Los Angeles to finish college, which she had stopped attending after her parents' death. About five to six years later, Billie moved back to San Francisco after finally finishing college. She eventually became something similar a surrogate aunt to Phoebe's daughters, babysitting the oldest two while Phoebe went into labor with her third and final child.

During this time, she met and fell in love with Thomas Raven. Eventually they got married and moved into there own home, before having there two children, Kyle and Laurel Raven. Billie is now a Teacher at Magic School, and a well known Fashion Designer based in Los Angeles. However, she works from her San Francisco home.

Physical Appearance Edit

Billie Style

Billie's appearance has changed a lot over the years, especially now that she is Fashion Designer. She used to have long blonde hair, but she cut it short after she moved back to San Francisco. It is now in a super stylish short hair cut, and is very cute.

Her make-up and wardrobe is much more mature, and she wears stylish designer clothing - some that she made herself, and heavier make-up. She wears eye-line, mascara, and lipstick daily. She never leaves home without her purse and cell phone, and always wears her wedding ring and a mother's day locket from her children.

Personality Edit

Billie is very intelligent and ambitious. She has a very good heart and soul, and is overall a great person, despite her poor decisions in the past. She is very much independent, but works well with others. She is also vastly loyal to her family and the Charmed Ones, and will do anything for both of them.

Powers and Abilities Edit

For a more detailed version of Billie Jenkins-Raven's powers and abilities, please see her Power Page.

Billie Jenkins-Raven is a powerful witch, who has strong and powerful powers. She is also half of the Ultimate Power. At first, she had trouble controlling her powers, but after several years she was able to control them completely. She still hasn't mastered them, but is close.

Relationships Edit

Thomas Raven Edit

Thomas is Billie's husband, and the love of her life. They met after she graduated Collage and returned to San Francisco. She met him at Magic School, and they dated for a few years before they got married. The bought there first home together, and had two children together. They are still married and very much in love.

Kyle Raven Edit

Kyle is Billie's oldest child and only son.

Laurel Raven Edit

Laurel is Billie's youngest child and only daughter. They are very close, and trust each other with everything and have no secrets between them.

Piper Halliwell Edit

They have a complex and complicated past that started as friendly then went to enemies. However, after the Ultimate Battle, Piper forgave Billie for everything vice versa. They have remained very close friends, and they trust each other now.

Phoebe Halliwell Edit

After meeting the sisters, Billie's relationship with Phoebe grew over the months to come. Phoebe considered Billie as part of their family. She would often go to Phoebe for help with demons or other issues. Phoebe aided Billie in her search to find Christy and she took care of her when she came down with The Virus, which could have ultimately killed her. Phoebe believed Billie was not evil when Christy manipulated her betraying them. Overall, they remained best friends and it was shown in the near future, Billie babysat her two oldest children while she was in labor with her third and final child. They remain incredibly close, and Phoebe was Billie's Maid of Honor at her wedding, and is the god mother to her daughter Laurel.

Other Relationships Edit

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Billie is married to Thomas Raven and has two children, Kyle and Laurel Raven.
  • She is a recurring character in Fated, and will appear in almost half of the series' episodes.
  • She is a fashion designer, and an aspiring teacher at Magic School. However, she isn't in charge of a certain class.
  • Billie does not have a familiar like most witches do or did.
  • Billie has short hair in the show, but long hair is some early promotional pictures. This is due to the timeline in production.
  • Despite possessing an immensely strong power and known as the Ultimate Power, she is still not considered powerful enough to go up against the Charmed Ones - even with her sister Christy, and once required toddler Wyatt's help to summon the Hollow. It is unknown if she could go up against the Charmed Ones now that she has better control of her powers.

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

Gallery Edit

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