Advanced Spell Casting
Power Information
Effects: Performs the desired effect of the spell cast
Trigger: Chanting the spell
Alignment: Neutral
Category: Advanced Basic Power

Advanced Spell Casting, is a form of spell casting that requires more focus, energy, and magic then normal spell casting does. The spells are usually in Latin, and create wind gusts while saying the spell.

If a witch who does not have the experience, magic, energy, etc to complete the spells has a possibility of dying due to overuse of magic, and most common; having the spell seriously backfire.

It can also be noted, that some witches etc, are born with the natural ability to do Advanced Spell Casting, while others have to learn the ability. Some witches, warlocks, demons, etc are unable to acquire this ability, making it a rather rare and desirable gift.

List of Users Edit

Known Spells Edit

  • Liquid Gathering Spell: The spell enables a witch to telekinetically lift specific liquids and gather at one point.
    • Incantation: Venez sanguis. Venez sanguis, Venez sanguis la force de la bête à moi.
    • Used By: Paris, in a class demonstration to lift blue liquid from the floor. (Unaired Pilot Only)